Oliver Pocher: teasing birthday greetings to his Amira

Oliver Pocher
Teasing birthday greetings to his Amira

Oliver and Amira Pocher have been married since 2019.

Oliver and Amira Pocher have been married since 2019.

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Even with birthday greetings to his wife Amira, Oliver Pocher unpacks a small but quite charming dig.

Oliver Pocher’s (44) wife Amira (30) celebrates her 30th birthday on September 28th. Congratulations came from her husband, among others. In a humorous Instagram post the comedian wrote: “The best woman would no longer be with Leonardo Di Caprio by today at the latest (too old) … but I’m more demanding.” He wished her “only the best for her birthday”.

The 44-year-old also added: “I love it when you cry with emotion! Maybe I’ll get it done one or the other time in your life…” He also posted two photos that she sobbed in an embrace show with her husband. One comes from the couple’s wedding in 2019, the other from the “Let’s Dance” period Amira Pocher in spring 2022.

Big break for the 30th day of honor

Amira Pocher apparently celebrated her birthday with a big party. In her Instagram story she shows numerous snapshots – including a kiss with her husband Oliver. In a post she shared more photos. The presenter can be seen beaming happily while celebrating. In one picture, Oliver Pocher holds a large birthday cake with fireworks in his hand. The last photo apparently shows Amira Pocher after the party – sleeping on a couch. She captioned her post, “Happy Birthday to me!”

In the comments below, numerous stars congratulated, including model Lilly Becker (46), influencer Sophia Thiel (27), moderator Jana Ina Zarrella (45) and the “let’s dance“Stars Oana Nechiti (34), Christina Luft (32) and Kathrin Menzinger (34).


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