“NSU 2.0” process: the accused rejects all allegations

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Defendant in the “NSU 2.0” process rejects all allegations: Was “systemically fooled”

"NSU 2.0"-Defendant denies all allegations

The “NSU 2-0” suspect’s handcuffs are removed in court

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The defendant in the “NSU 2.0” trial rejected all allegations before the regional court in Frankfurt. He sees himself as a victim. The prosecutor’s office disagrees.

In the process of the “NSU 2.0” threatening letter, the accused Alexander M. again rejected all allegations in his “last word”. The allegations against him were not confirmed in the evidence, said the 54-year-old on Thursday before the district court in Frankfurt. He accused the public prosecutor of lies and manipulations that were not a basis for a conviction. The investigative group wanted to use their results “to finish him off at any price” and relieve the police. It was initially unclear whether the verdict would be announced on Thursday.

As in his plea, the Berlin-born defendant admitted to having been a member of a chat group on the dark web, which is why parts of the threatening letter had been found. However, the members of the group “systematically tricked” him. There is no evidence that he wrote the letter. M. apologized for the membership in his closing remarks.

Prosecutor’s office: “NSU 2.0” suspect responsible for threatening letters and bomb threats

According to the public prosecutor’s office, M. is the author of a total of 81 threatening letters sent by email, fax or SMS to lawyers, politicians, journalists and other public figures and signed “NSU 2.0”. The sender “NSU 2.0” plays on the right-wing extremist terrorist cell National Socialist underground (NSU) on. Prosecutors also hold the defendant responsible for bomb threats against courts. The indictment called for seven and a half years in prison for, among other things, insult and attempted coercion, disturbance of the public peace and incitement to hatred.


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