NRW-FDP elects parliamentary group leader Höne as party leader – with only 54 percent

State party conference FDP North Rhine-Westphalia

Enning Höne, newly elected state chairman of the FDP in North Rhine-Westphalia, speaks at the state party conference of the FDP North Rhine-Westphalia.

(Photo: dpa)

Bielefeld The chairman of FDP– State parliamentary group, Henning Höne, is the new party leader of the Liberals in North Rhine-Westphalia. The 35-year-old Munsterlander was elected leader of the state party at a party conference in Bielefeld on Saturday with only a moderate result of 54.5 percent. According to party information, he received 208 votes in favour, 157 against and 17 abstentions. There were no opposing candidates.

Höne succeeds Joachim Stamp, who as a consequence of the debacle of the FDP had announced his withdrawal in the state elections. In the election eight months ago, the Liberals halved their result to 5.9 percent and lost government participation.

Höne’s candidacy was not considered uncontroversial in the NRW-FDP. The young liberals in particular had criticized the fact that the long-standing member of the state parliament did not stand for a new start. Höne himself had already stated in advance that he was expecting a rather mediocre result at the party congress.

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