North Korea’s dictator presents his daughter. With what intent?

Bizarre picture series
North Korea’s dictator presents his daughter to the world. That makes experts sit up and take notice

Bizarre series of pictures: North Korea's dictator presents his daughter to the world.  That makes experts sit up and take notice

Watch the video: North Korea’s ruler Kim Jong Un brings his daughter to the missile test.

STORY: A missile test as a family outing – North Korea’s ruler Kim Jong Un presented his daughter to the world public for the first time. Korean state media on Saturday showed photos of the two, which state news agency KCNA reported were taken during the launch of an ICBM on Friday. Kim’s wife was also present at the appointment. Kim saw the internationally criticized test as proof that his country could ward off any nuclear threat. Kim said foreign powers are forcing North Korea to expand its nuclear deterrent, KCNA reported. Any attack on North Korea will lead to the destruction of the attackers. Kim called for the development of more strategic weapons and training in the use of nuclear weapons. Yang Moo-Jin, a professor of North Korean studies in the South Korean capital of Soul, said the test was intended to make up for a failed Nov. 3 launch. “It was intended to show that the Hwasong-17 missile had been technically improved. In terms of military strategy, too, it was intended to prove that the leadership, with a view to the expanded deterrence policy of South Korea, the USA and Japan, would not follow up empty words, but real deeds.” According to the political scientist, the father-daughter pictures should also underpin Kim’s claim to power. “It seemed like he wanted to portray his family as good and stable and to show himself as a leader for normal people. At the same time, she was portrayed as a member of the so-called ‘Paektu bloodline’ who cannot be replaced by others. I think , all of that was intentional in those scenes.” The rocket flew a good 1,000 kilometers on Friday and crashed into the sea almost 200 kilometers off the coast of Japan. According to Japan’s Defense Minister Yasukazu Hamada, it could fly up to 15,000 km, enough to reach the mainland United States. South Korean and US units launched a joint airborne military exercise in response to Friday’s test. The United Nations Security Council has put the test on the agenda for next Monday’s meeting.


North Korea’s ruler Kim Jong Un appears hand in hand with his daughter, the first time she has appeared. Why now – and why like this?

North Korea keeps shooting. The self-declared nuclear power fired a “new type” of intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) on Friday. According to Pyongyang’s usual shrill propaganda, the largely isolated country believes it has the “world’s strongest strategic weapon” and another means of “total confrontation with unrestricted confrontation” to be able to answer.

The test, which joins the aggressive arms show of the past few weeks, was overseen by ruler Kim Jong Un and had been successful. The armed forces now have another means at hand to “deter any nuclear threat,” Kim was quoted as saying.

Given the non-stop provocations and sustained barrage, the real surprise was the presence of Kim’s daughter who has never been seen in public before. The North Korean side had not even confirmed their existence.

The state news agency KCNA published a bizarre series of pictures on Saturday showing the dictator “along with his beloved daughter and Woman” to show as part of the missile test.

Kim Jong Un, ruler of North Korea, accompanied by his daughter

Kim Jong Un, ruler of North Korea, accompanied by his daughter

© -/KCNA / DPA

The youthful-looking girl wore a white winter jacket and red shoes in the photos, one shot shows her and her father hand in hand in front of the vehicle with the launcher from which the “monster missile” – as the cruise missile was called in the South Korean media – was to be launched.

Kim Jong Un and his daughter look at a rocket

Kim Jong Un and his daughter look at a rocket

© -/KCNA / DPA

State propaganda failed to provide any information about the girl’s age or name. The country is largely sealed off from the outside world, so information about North Korea’s ruling family is sparse. However, South Korea’s secret services assume that Kim and his wife Ri Sol Ju have three children: a son, a daughter, and another child whose gender is unknown.

From left: Kim Jong Un, his daughter and his wife Ri Sol Ju

From left: Kim Jong Un, his daughter and his wife Ri Sol Ju

© -/kcna / DPA

Even within North Korea, little is known about the Kim dynasty. In November 2012, Kim Jong Uns apparently pregnant woman to be seen on state televisionpossibly with the daughter now presented, but no official information about the girl was known beyond that.

Hand in hand: Kim Jong Un and his daughter

Hand in hand: Kim Jong Un and his daughter

© -/KCNA / DPA

In 2013, former US basketball star Dennis Rodman said, who referred to Kim as a “friend for life”.that he held his daughter – then a baby – on a visit to Pyongyang. At the time he said in an interview with the British “Guardians”that her name is Ju-ae.

According to observers, the fact that Kim now presented his daughter to the world public as part of an arms show, and ultimately also to the North Korean people, could therefore be a message both internally and externally that he regards the expansion of the nuclear program as a task for generations – and as a legacy from Ju- ae should be held responsible.

North Korea’s rulers and their “legacy”

“This is the first public occasion we have seen Kim Jong Un’s daughter.” Reuters North Korea expert Michael Madden from the US think tank Stimson Center. “It is of great importance and shows a certain level of self-confidence on the part of Kim Jong Un that he is bringing her out in this way.”

Jenny Town by 38 North, a research institution in Washington that deals with North Korea, reads from the setting and the published images a kind of long-term handover. It looks like Kim wants to “pass on a legacy,” she told the news agency. “These optics give the feeling that they (the daughter) is now also part of the legacy.”

Antik Panda, a nuclear expert at the US think tank, concludes that North Korea will keep its nuclear forces “for the long term”. Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, from the pictures. She views Kim’s decision to present his daughter at the rocket launch as a possible indication that the dictator views his nuclear program as a multi-generational effort, she said “New York Times”.

Kim’s own first appearance in the North Korean state media took place in 2010, shortly after he was named to succeed his father Kim Jong Il, who passed away the following year. That first official photo published by state propaganda at the timeshowed Kim with his father and a number of senior party officials.

According to observers, the photos were also intended to demonstrate his family ties. However, nothing is known about internal discussions in the isolated country about a possible successor to Kim. South Korea’s intelligence agency said last year that Kim’s younger and more influential sister, Kim Yo Jong, now appears to be the “number two de facto leader.”

Kim, who is 38 years old according to South Korea, became “supreme leader” after the death of his father Kim Jong Il in late 2011of the armed forces, the party and the state. The Kim dynasty has ruled the impoverished but well-armed state for more than 70 years.

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