North Korea threatens countermeasures in further maneuvers in South Korea

Missile test in North Korea

Since the beginning of the year, North Korea has fired an unusually high number of test missiles.

(Photo: dpa)

Seoul According to the recent series of missile tests North Korea threatened with further military countermeasures, South Korea and the United States undertake new military maneuvers in the future. The General Staff of the People’s Army accused both countries on Monday of their joint “Vigilant Storm” air exercises over the past week being “aggressive in nature” and aimed directly at North Korea.

The missile tests should therefore simulate attacks on air force bases and command posts in South Korea and the United States, as well as other targets. According to the state-controlled media, the more persistently the provocative activities of the enemy are continued, the more “thoroughly and mercilessly” the people’s army will react.

According to experts, North Korea is thus underlining that the country ruled by Kim Jong Un does not want to deviate from its military-political goals and wants to force an end to the South Korean-American military maneuvers. North Korea had tested more than 25 missiles in the past week alone, according to the South Korean military. Most of these were ballistic missiles, including an ICBM.

UN resolutions ban North Korea, a self-declared nuclear power, from testing ballistic missiles of any range that can be armed with a nuclear warhead. The US and its allies South Korea and Japan condemned the missile tests as a serious provocation. Since the beginning of the year, North Korea has fired an unusually high number of test missiles.

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The latest tests also fired missiles with cluster warheads and warheads designed to penetrate underground positions, according to the North Korean General Staff. South Korea’s military has contradicted North Korea’s claim that it also fired two cruise missiles into the open sea off the eastern South Korean coastal city of Ulsan. Not all of North Korea’s statements about the weapons tests are true, it said.

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