North Korea rules out nuclear talks

Nord korea’s rulers Kim Jong Un has categorically ruled out nuclear disarmament in his country. The country’s status as a nuclear power has been made “irreversible” with the passage of a law on the use of nuclear weapons, Kim said in a speech to the Supreme People’s Assembly, state media reported on Friday. “There will never be a declaration that we will give up our nuclear weapons, nor will there be any negotiations about the terms of the other side.” The United States is not just about eliminating North Korea’s nuclear weapons. Their real goal is to overthrow the regime once the country has given up its nuclear weapons and its self-defense capabilities are weakened, Kim said.

Friederike Böge

Political correspondent for China, North Korea and Mongolia.

The fear of a decapitation blow against him personally could also be the reason why the said law goes well beyond the previous nuclear weapons doctrine of 2013. The new version mentions the possibility of a preemptive strike for the first time, which harbors the risk of misunderstandings. Such a move is possible if Pyongyang decides that a nuclear or non-nuclear attack on North Korea’s leadership or the country’s nuclear command “has begun or is imminent.” In this case, according to the KCNA news agency, a nuclear strike should be carried out “automatically and immediately” according to a predetermined plan against the “enemy forces”.

The earlier version had said only the supreme leader could order a nuclear counterstrike. The aim of the innovations is apparently to convey to America and South Korea that they would still have to reckon with a nuclear attack even if they eliminated the North Korean leadership, said the defense expert Ankit Panda from the think tank Carnegie Endowment for International Peace to the Reuters news agency. A pre-emptive strike, ordered before an attack begins, was not mentioned in the earlier version of the law. However, Kim Jong-un has twice threatened such a possibility in the past few months. In addition, Kim said the country needs to scale up its tactical nuclear weapons expand.

Since its meeting with then-US President Donald Trump in Hanoi in February 2019, it has not had any publicly known nuclear talks with North Korea given more. President Joe Biden has stated that he would be ready to resume talks at any time. Despite his categorical denials, Kim appeared to be keeping a back door open. His country’s nuclear weapons policy can only change if conditions on the Korean peninsula and the global political situation change, he said. America and South Korea had repeatedly offered Pyongyang the delivery of corona vaccines, which the regime had not responded to. In his speech, Kim seemed to announce a vaccination campaign for November without giving details. The country is known to have imported vaccines from China.

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