No more suspicion of fraud against Kronenschlösschen

Dhe owners of the Hotel and Restaurant Kronenschlösschen in Eltville-Hattenheim, Hans-Burkhardt Ullrich and his daughter Johanna Bächstädt, have been accused of attempted fraud in connection with a spectacular theft of wine in the Rheingau been exonerated. The public prosecutor's office in Wiesbaden has closed the investigation against her and her chief sommelier Florian Richter.

Oliver Bock

Correspondent for the Rhein-Main-Zeitung for the Rheingau-Taunus district and for Wiesbaden.

As reported, on the night of January 14, 2021, burglars stole expensive wine rarities with a total value of 235,000 euros in the "Kronenschlösschen", which is widely known for its extraordinary range of wines. According to Ullrich and his daughter, the actions of the brazen thieves were similar to a dozen similar raids at home and abroad. Nevertheless, the police did not investigate against unknown persons, but against the owner family and their sommelier on suspicion of attempted insurance fraud.

Alleged insider knowledge of the burglars

According to Ullrich, all allegations and suspicions have been resolved. He accuses the insurance company, which is still unwilling to pay, of deliberately spreading suspicions about alleged insider knowledge of the burglars in order to evade the obligation to settle claims. Ullrich, himself a lawyer, has meanwhile filed a civil suit before the Wiesbaden district court and also wants to sue the insurance company and other people for damages for "damage to his personal rights and defamation".

Ullrich assured that there was never any evidence, let alone evidence of an attempt at fraud. Rather, the police let themselves be made into the henchman of the insurance company and during the entire duration of the procedure "did not have a single conversation with me, let alone an interrogation." Overall, he had to endure a "scandalous procedure" and had to accept false accusations because the police " has not the slightest knowledge of the wine trade".

Uncorked wine bottles in the Kronenschlösschen in Hattenheim/ Rheingau

Uncorked wine bottles in the Kronenschlösschen in Hattenheim/ Rheingau

Image: Wonge Bergman

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