No indication of racism in the fatal shot in the station district

Dhe Somali man who was shot dead by the police in Frankfurt's Bahnhofsviertel on August 2 was known to the police for 29 criminal offenses, including aggravated robbery and dangerous bodily harm. Hesse's interior minister has that Peter Beuth (CDU) announced on Thursday in the interior committee of the Wiesbaden state parliament. The Left Party had submitted a catalog with a total of 28 questions to Beuth and wanted to know, among other things, whether the state government could rule out “that structural racism was the trigger for the escalating police operation” because, according to press reports, the victim was black. Beuth made it clear that there were no indications of racism.

According to information from the Minister of the Interior, the incidents on the night of the crime on August 2nd took place as follows: 23-year-old Amin F. had moved into a hotel room on Moselstraße and spoke to a prostitute on the street with a question about sexual services. She followed him into the room and a short time later the twenty-three-year-old wanted to hire another prostitute. When the two women were in his room, he demanded that they take drugs. A dispute ensued and Amin F. threatened the women with a knife with a blade length of 20 centimetres. The prostitutes fled and alerted the police. They also mentioned that they had seen a gun-like object.

A total of 80 police officers, including members of the special task force, were involved in the operation, Beuth continued. Since the man had been in Germany since 2015, it could be assumed, according to Beuth, that he had at least basic knowledge of the German language. He was probably under the influence of alcohol and had probably also taken drugs.

Toys and lighter that looked like guns

As part of a "graded access concept", the police first used a service dog, which was seriously injured by the Somali with a knife. At this point in time, according to the Interior Minister, it could not be ruled out that the man also had a sharp firearm and might leave the hotel room and attack bystanders or the police.

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