Nikita Masepin hands out after being kicked out of Formula 1

Ein a dig at Mick Schumacher, no clear statement about his father’s closeness to Putin and an idiosyncratic view of the war in Ukraine: the Russian Nikita Masepin took a stand at the Haas racing team after being thrown out and sees himself as the victim of a great injustice. “I lost my dream, which I fought for 18 years of my life,” said Masepin on Wednesday: “I don’t think that’s fair.”

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One day before the start of the final test drives in Bahrain, the 23-year-old sat in Moscow and presented his view of things in a one-hour video meeting. “Do we want the sport to become just another stage for protests and political debates?” Masepin asked at the beginning and dared to compare it with the Olympic boycotts of the 1980s: “Or is sport an opportunity to connect people in the most difficult times?”

The togetherness was soon over. A sweeping attack on his former companions followed. It also hit his former teammate Schumacher. Some drivers like George Russell, Valtteri Bottas or Charles Leclerc would have sent him encouraging messages. On the other hand, he had heard nothing from Schumacher. “In situations like these, your true self shows,” said Masepin, who had a divided relationship with the German during the 2021 season.

The anger about Günther Steiner is even greater. Masepin accused the team boss of insincerity. You could always rely on Steiner’s word “110 percent,” said Masepin. He then found out about his termination without warning when the decision was published last Saturday. Since then there has been no contact with Steiner.

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