Night of the Russian war of aggression at a glance

Kyiv has Transnistria as a “bridgehead” in its sights

“We have always viewed Transnistria as a bridgehead from which certain risks can emanate for us,” said presidential adviser Mykhailo Podoliak on Wednesday evening, according to the Unian agency. The Ukrainian leadership is aware of the dangers emanating from Transnistria, which is why in the Ukrainian regions of Odessa and Vinnytsia “everything is well thought out from the point of view of defense”. He described the recent explosions as an attempt at provocation. “Everything is as the Russian Federation always does.” Support for the separatists in the Moldova breakaway region is a contingent of Russian soldiers stationed there.

Zelenskyj: Russia regards all trade as a weapon

president Zelenskyj meanwhile sharply criticized the Russian freeze on gas deliveries to Poland and Bulgaria. “This week, the Russian leadership started a new series of energy blackmail against Europeans,” he said in a video message. “Russia considers not only gas, but also every other trade as a weapon.” Moscow is only waiting for a favorable moment for this.

“Either to politically blackmail the Europeans. Or to strengthen the Russian war machine, which sees a united Europe as the goal, ”said Zelenskyj. The sooner Europe realizes that it cannot be dependent on Russia for trade, the sooner the stability of the European markets will be guaranteed.

Ukrainian exports to the EU are to be exempted from customs duties

Zelenskyj praised a proposal by the EU Commission to limit exports from Ukraine to the EU temporary exemption from import duties. “Russia is trying to provoke a world price crisis. So that the chaos can start in all basic markets and especially in the food market,” he said. However, Ukrainian exports could help stabilize the markets. “So it’s not just for us, but for all Europeans. To the residents of all countries that may be affected by Russia’s destructive ambitions.”

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