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Federal government agrees on gas price brake. The Federal Government overturns the controversial surcharge for all gas customers and announces a price brake that is planned instead of the gas surcharge. Up to 200 billion euros are to be made available for this. The program for the “large defense screen” at a glance. Go to Article

Price increase: Inflation as high as it was in 1951. The inflation rate in Germany rose to 10.0 percent in September. Not even during the oil crisis of the 1970s did prices rise so drastically. What economists are now demanding. Go to Article

All about the war in Ukraine

Putin wants to declare conquered territories Russian. The annexation follows mock referendums in the four regions of Luhansk, Donetsk, Kherson and Zaporizhia. In the future, Moscow could define Ukrainian reconquests as an attack on its own territory. Go to Article

Nord Stream Explosions: The Scare in Norway. After the sabotage of the Nord Stream pipelines there is alarm in Scandinavia. Some fear that Russia’s Baltic Sea fleet will soon appear off Sweden’s coast, and Norway fears for the safety of its pipeline network. Go to Article

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This has interested many readers today

USA: Florida hit by Hurricane Century. Hurricane Ian, the fifth-strongest hurricane in Florida’s history, cuts a path of devastation across the state. The damages are likely to rise to more than 67 billion dollars. The storm is weakening across the country. Go to Article

Protests in Iran: “Our biggest problem is gender apartheid”. Old and young, left and conservative, Muslim and non-Muslim take to the streets in Iran. A conversation with the expert Katajun Amirpur about the symbolic power of the headscarf and the question of whether things could get tight for the regime. Go to Article

Switzerland-EU: At the end of patience. The EU has been struggling with Switzerland for a trade agreement for years. So far, Germany has been seen more as an ally of the Confederates. But now the Europe Committee of the Bundestag is backing the Commission. Go to Article

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“Those who constantly regulate their emotions with food are at risk”. Many people know phases in which one eats well and phases in which one goes overboard. But what is selective frustration eating and what is a beginning binge eating spiral? Eating disorder expert Ulrich Voderholzer on warning signals. To the interview

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