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Germany supplies rocket launchers and armored vehicles to Ukraine. The federal government tells Kyiv two more multiple rocket launchers of the type Mars II200 rockets for the systems and 50 lightly armored transport vehicles of the type dingo to. It is important to quickly provide Ukraine with additional weapons, said Defense Minister Lambrecht. When it comes to battle tanks, the federal government continues to refuse to go it alone. However, Foreign Minister Baerbock promises a quick decision. Go to Article

Deutsche Bahn blocks the main route for months. Passengers are threatened with massive delays in long-distance traffic in the coming years. For example, the route from Frankfurt to Mannheim, on which 300 ICE trains are currently rolling every day, should not be passable for six months in 2024. The huge construction site is a pilot project for a renovation program designed to run until 2030 that Federal Transport Minister Wissing and Bahn Board Member Huber presented at a rail summit. The goal: fewer delays and cancellations. Go to Article (SZ Plus)

EXCLUSIVE The Bundeswehr is taking longer and longer to throw out right-wing extremists. A person convicted of racially motivated assault continues to serve as a non-commissioned officer. A soldier gives the Hitler salute - and the Bundeswehr deals with the case seven years later: the procedures of the internal judiciary are getting slower and slower. Even the Ministry of Defense finds this "unacceptable". Go to Article (SZ Plus)

Snake is more than six kilometers long. Waiting patiently for their turn - the British are said to have a certain level of competence. Thousands are doing just that to bid farewell to Elizabeth II. What London is experiencing in these hours has probably never happened before. Go to Article

EU wants to freeze subsidies for Hungary. The Commission will apparently propose cutting funding because the government is not doing enough to combat corruption. However, the government in Budapest should be given one last chance to comply with the demands by November. Go to Article

Roger Federer ends his tennis career. The Swiss is one of the most successful players of recent decades. After many injuries, he announces that the Laver Cup will be his last tournament on the ATP tour. Go to Article

Everything about the energy crisis

Scholz announces quick solution to "price problem".. The chancellor promises citizens and companies that measures will be taken soon to curb high gas prices. A commission of experts, in which employers and trade unions are involved, is to present proposals in October. Go to Article

Bundesnetzagentur: Gas shortages can hardly be predicted. Because consumption in winter depends primarily on the weather, it is not possible to warn more than a week and a half in advance. Economics Minister Habeck wants to postpone payment of the gas levy until the end of October. To the live blog

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"There are zero arguments why arms should not be supplied to Ukraine". Is the Ukrainian counter-offensive now the turning point in the war? Military expert Carlo Masala explains where the problems of the Russian army lie and how the conflict could continue. To the interview (SZ Plus)

EXCLUSIVE Why the Patagonia founder wants to give away his company. The manufacturer of outdoor clothing once sued ex-President Donald Trump, voluntarily pays an environmental tax and calls on people to consume less. Now he announces that he intends to spend all available money on climate protection. Go to Article (SZ Plus)

Beach without sand. Bangkok's Supreme Court has ruled that Maya Bay, the famous beach from 'The Beach', should be restored to its original condition. But what does original mean anyway? Go to Article (SZ Plus)

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