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Federal government sets new rules for dealing with China. Berlin wants to reduce Germany’s dependence on China without restricting trade too much. Germany faces a dilemma, especially when it comes to economic policy: on the one hand, China is an attractive location for local companies, but on the other hand, dealing with the authoritarian regime in Beijing harbors risks. Go to Article (SZ Plus)

Three men found guilty of downing MH17 More than eight years after the crash of a plane en route from Amsterdam to Malaysia, a Dutch court has sentenced three former high-ranking pro-Russian separatists to life imprisonment for being responsible for the accident. The fourth accused was acquitted. Go to Article

British government cuts spending and raises taxes. British Chancellor of the Exchequer Hunt has announced that he will lower the annual income threshold for the top tax rate from 45 percent – from 150,000 to 125,140 pounds. This will ensure higher government revenues, as will lower capital gains allowances. Expenditure such as for infrastructure projects should be reduced. Go to Article

“NSU 2.0”: The author of the threatening letter has to go to prison for almost six years. The Berlin-born defendant Alexander M. sent dozens of threatening letters by email, fax or SMS to lawyers, politicians, journalists and representatives of public life and signed them “NSU 2.0”. Go to Article

OPINION America is again threatened with political gridlock. The US voters actually want compromise instead of confrontation. But with a majority in the House of Representatives, Republicans now have the power to shut down the country. And they will probably do just that, because that’s the norm in Washington. Go to Article (SZ Plus)

DFB-Elf before the start of the World Cup: Füllkrug could be used as a central striker. After his successful debut against Oman, a German attack with the Bremen filling jug seems to be quite possible – but national coach Flick should think about other variants after the tough 1-0 in the last World Cup test. Havertz and Gnabry remain favourites. Go to Article (SZ Plus)

OPINION It will be: The team goes into the World Cup with a mixed record (SZ Plus)

Work and Corona: Telephone sick leave extended until March 2023. The regulation should continue to apply so that the risk of infection in the practices does not increase even further. The RKI is currently reporting around 25,000 corona cases a day. Go to Article

Coronavirus: Positive rate, intensive care patients, R value – the most important data in graphics, continuously updated

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Everything about the war in Ukraine and the energy crisis

Russia continues attacks on infrastructure. The energy supply in Ukraine is massively damaged. Moscow claims to attack only military installations. In the meantime, an agreement has been reached through UN mediation on the continuation of grain exports. Go to Article

Live blog on the energy crisis: Price increases and bottlenecks feared due to oil embargo

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