News of the day – News of November 16, 2022 – Politics

Everything about the war in Ukraine and the energy crisis

Kremlin presents itself as a victim: Russia’s President Putin is silent after a rocket hit Poland. His spokesman complained of a “hysterical, rampant Russophobic reaction”. Go to Article (SZ Plus)

Russia appoints Polish ambassador. Moscow summons the Polish ambassador to the missile incident and accuses the country of having spread misleading information. To the live blog about the war

EXCLUSIVE How the EU wants to cap the gas price. The commission presents the long-awaited details for a state cap. Whether the limit really helps consumers is questionable. According to a discussion paper, the cap is only intended to protect against “excessive” price movements. Go to Article. Everything you need to know about the war in Ukraine (SZ Plus)

What was important today

Election of the Berlin House of Representatives must be repeated completely. On September 26, 2021, there were massive election glitches in the capital. Now the Constitutional Court is ordering all citizens to go to the polls again. Such a repeat election did not exist in Germany. Go to Article

EXCLUSIVE Faeser declares war on mafia and drug lords. Organized crime has become a billion dollar business in Germany. With a new strategy, Interior Minister Faeser now wants to intensify the fight against all those who pull the strings in the background. There is a paper on this SZ before. Go to Article (SZ Plus)

Indonesia’s head of state Widodo promotes climate protection.As host of the G-20 summit in Bali, Indonesia’s head of state Joko Widodo tirelessly campaigned for peace and climate protection among the top politicians who had traveled there. In a joint statement, Biden, von der Leyen and Widodo announce a commitment to tighten climate targets. Go to Article

Migration to the EU: More irregular border crossings than in years. For some time now, more people have been traveling along the “Balkan route” in south-eastern Europe, which is making many EU politicians nervous. Greece in particular relies on deterrence to keep refugees away. Go to Article

Nasa sends new rocket to the moon. The unmanned space capsule is part of the “Artemis” program. As part of the program, people are to fly to Mars in the long term. Go to Article

OPINION Soccer World Cup in Qatar: This World Cup will be an experiment. Never before have the footballers started the tournament from ongoing league operations. Some experts expect a particularly high-class World Cup because the players enjoy the best operating temperatures. The others say they are overworked and prone to injury. Go to Article (SZ Plus)

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