News of the day – News of March 21, 2023 – Politics

News of the day – News of March 21, 2023 – Politics

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Landmark judgment in the diesel scandal – ECJ strengthens rights of car owners. Anyone who owns a car with inadmissible exhaust technology will be able to claim damages more easily in the future. This is a serious blow for automakers. Because the change in legal interpretation has dramatic consequences for many thousands of pending lawsuits in German courts. Go to Article

The political situation in France is heating up more and more. The controversial pension reform, which has been occupying France for weeks, is considered accepted and President Macron’s government has survived two votes of no confidence in Parliament. But the protests on the streets of Paris are more violent than they have been in a long time. Another major strike has been announced for Thursday. Go to Article

Özdemir submits report on forest damage. Only every fifth tree in Germany still has an intact crown, as shown by the “Forest Condition Survey 2022”, which the Minister of Agriculture presented on Tuesday. “The forest is a patient that needs our help,” says Özdemir. The precious ecosystem is suffering from the consequences of the climate crisis. Go to Article

Germany and Taiwan agree on research cooperation. During her visit, Education Minister Stark-Watzinger praised the island republic as a “value partner”. It is the first German ministerial trip to Taiwan in 26 years. China calls the visit a “monstrous act”. Go to Article

The quality of the day-care center suffers from a lack of staff. A survey of 5,400 daycare center managers shows that it has become more difficult for almost 95 percent of the facilities to recruit suitable educational staff – and the existing staff often reach their breaking point. As a result, many offers that are important for the children, such as language support or musical education, are no longer available. Go to Article

Lindner’s change of plan puts pressure on Scholz. The head of the FDP is halting a new construction project for his finance ministry in order to save money — and also finds the long-planned expansion of the chancellery “unnecessary.” This puts the chancellor in an awkward position. Go to Article

Abuse in the Catholic Church: At times, the prosecutor held Ratzinger as the suspect. In addition to Cardinal Friedrich Wetter, prosecutors have also investigated former Pope Benedict for aiding and abetting acts of abuse – but were unable to prove any aiding of either of them. All investigations affecting the Archdiocese of Munich and Freising have been discontinued. Go to Article

All about the war in Ukraine

Xi invites Putin to Beijing for a return visit. The Chinese President calls for regular meetings of both heads of state. During his visit to Moscow, he also discussed China’s controversial “peace plan” with the Russian president. To the live blog

Japan’s Prime Minister Kishida meets Zelensky in Kiev. The war is likely to be an important topic at the G-7 summit in May, which Japan is hosting this year. In addition, Kishida sees Russia’s invasion of Ukraine as a warning to the region around Japan. Go to Article

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