News of the day – News of March 19, 2023 – Politics

News of the day – News of March 19, 2023 – Politics

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UBS takes over ailing Credit Suisse. The major Swiss bank Credit Suisse is on the brink after record losses and recent threatening price losses. Now it is being taken over by its rival UBS. This is to prevent chaos on the financial markets. Go to Article (SZ Plus)

“Credit Suisse has long been a case for the intensive care unit.” Economist Martin Hellwig has been calling for stricter capital rules for banks from politicians for years. The current crisis surrounding the major Swiss bank proves him right. To the interview (SZ Plus)

fear of contagion. Credit Suisse is now to be taken over by its competitor UBS in order to prevent chaos on the financial markets. But the difficulties of the major Swiss bank could still have consequences for the global economy. Go to Article (SZ Plus)

Putin visits conquered Mariupol and Crimea. The Kremlin boss flies to a “working visit” by helicopter to the largely destroyed port city. According to Erdoğan, Russia and Ukraine agree to extend the grain agreement. Live blog about the war in Ukraine

EXCLUSIVE Union describes the President of the Bundestag’s understanding of office as “highly irritating”. Bärbel Bas “tacitly allows the traffic light coalition to push through an electoral reform, with the opposition vociferously protesting, and this will certainly end up before the Federal Constitutional Court,” says Thorsten Frei, the first parliamentary director of the CDU faction. The Social Democrat rejects the allegations. Go to Article (SZ Plus)

The play “Birds” will not be performed again. The rights holders insist that Wajdi Mouawad’s work will only be shown without modifications following the anti-Semitism debates. The Munich Metropoltheater rejects the rejects. Go to Article

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