News of the day – News of March 18, 2023 – Politics

News of the day – News of March 18, 2023 – Politics

All news about the war in Ukraine

Biden calls arrest warrant against Putin justified. “That makes a strong point,” says the US President on the decision of the International Criminal Court in The Hague. The allegations against the Russian President are: war crimes in Ukraine and kidnapping of children. The Russian side reacts with contempt. The arrest warrant should be used as toilet paper, says ex-President Medvedev. To the live blog

Russian child rights commissioner declares kidnapping of children as “evacuation”. There is an arrest warrant for Maria Lwowa-Belowa in The Hague, just like for Putin. She doesn’t even deny bringing children from there to Russia after the Russian invasion of Ukraine began. She even claims to have adopted one herself, a 15-year-old boy from Mariupol, the city that was shelled for months and where thousands of civilians lost their lives. Go to Article

In addition to Poland, Slovakia also wants to deliver “MiG-29” aircraft to Ukraine. The Slovak prime minister promised this to the Ukrainian president Zelensky weeks ago. The 13 Slovakian aircraft could be passed on without the consent of other countries, but the four fighter jets from Poland may not, because Poland took over many aircraft from GDR stocks in the 1990s. Go to Article

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EXCLUSIVE Green faction wants to bring forward coal phase-out in the east to 2030. This is a “necessary step to achieve the climate goals,” says a draft resolution for the parliamentary group meeting next week in Weimar. As in the West, the lignite mining areas in East Germany are to be shut down eight years earlier than initially planned, according to the parliamentary group. Go to Article (SZ Plus)

Major Swiss bank UBS is considering takeover of Credit Suisse. At the urging of the government in Bern, the governing bodies of the country’s two largest banks will meet this weekend. The goal: to overcome a crisis that shook the entire financial system. Go to Article

Indications of raccoon dogs as carriers of Corona in Wuhan. A group of scientists has re-examined old traces of genetic material from the Chinese city of Wuhan. The gene data indicate that Sars-CoV-2 could have switched from animals to humans. Go to Article

The number of paediatricians is increasing, but there is still a shortage of care. Data from the Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians shows that there are 25 percent more paediatricians than in 2011. Nevertheless, many parents complain that they do not get an appointment for weeks. The reason for this is on the one hand the post-Covid winter and the persistent flu this year. But there is also a structural effect: much more part-time work in the medical profession, which is now 80 percent female. Go to Article (SZ Plus)

“The Luise case” triggers a debate about the age limit for criminal responsibility. The two girls from North Rhine-Westphalia, who confessed to having killed their girlfriend, are both under 14 years old – and are therefore considered innocent in Germany. It is now being discussed whether the threshold for criminal responsibility should be lowered. Experts warn against it. Go to Article (SZ Plus)

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