News of the day – News of July 19, 2022 – Politics

News of the day - News of July 19, 2022 - Politics

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Bridges in Amsterdam are cooled with water, London reports more than 40 degrees Celsius. It’s hotter in Britain than it’s been since weather records began. In the Netherlands, unusual methods are also used to combat the heat: the asphalt is cooled there with road salt. In France, the forest fires on the Atlantic coast are getting worse and there is also an extreme risk of forest fires in some regions of Germany. To the heat live blog

Scientists warn of increased ozone pollution. The heat is also driving up ozone levels in Germany. According to the Federal Environment Agency, the information threshold of 180 micrograms of ozone per cubic meter had only been exceeded for 16 hours by mid-July. On Monday alone, 15 measuring stations reported exceedances for a total of 33 hours. A warning is issued from a value of 240 micrograms per cubic meter because such high ozone concentrations are hazardous to the health of the entire population. Go to Article

The successor to the nine-euro ticket will come at the end of the year at the earliest. 31 million people have bought the ticket and in the past few days there have been calls for a successor solution. In the meantime, Minister of Transport Wissing seems to have given up his initial resistance. He thinks a permanent nationwide ticket is possible. He’s in no hurry to do it. Industry managers fear that the FDP politician is playing for time. Go to Article

Family Minister Paus announces higher child benefits. Because of the sharp rise in prices, the Green politician wants to relieve socially disadvantaged families “precisely”. In addition to the increase in the Hartz IV rate, this also includes the adjustment of child benefit, which is currently 219 euros for the first and second child, 225 euros for the third child and 250 euros each for further children. In the long term, Paus wants to introduce basic child security in which all federal family policy benefits are bundled and paid out together. Go to Article

Only three candidates left for Johnson’s successor. The British Tories are voting on a new party leader and thus prime minister. Ex-Finance Minister Sunak again received the most votes, while former Equal Opportunities Commissioner Badenoch was eliminated. Go to Article

All about the war in Ukraine

Putin arrives in Iran for talks. The head of the Kremlin will also meet Turkish President Erdoğan there. Russia continues shelling numerous cities. Former interior minister Schily accuses parts of the German public of glorifying war. To the Ukraine live blog

Zelensky comments on the “neutralization of collaborators” in the Ukrainian secret service. A number of employees of the Ukrainian domestic secret service are being investigated for high treason. There is talk of up to 650 cases. Over the weekend, the president suspended the head of the secret service and the attorney general. He wants to demonstrate determination against enemy infiltration and corruption. But Selensky’s critics do not believe in rapid success. Go to Article

Which was also important

This has interested many readers today

Is Joe Biden old enough for another term? At least that’s what most Americans think, and even some of his party’s voters. He himself sees it completely differently. And his chances also depend on who would challenge him in 2024. Go to Article (SZ Plus)

No stopping. Smaller groups, less noise, prescribed footpaths: Stricter rules for tourists will soon apply in Barcelona. Go to Article.

What to do in a forest fire. It’s still getting hot and dry in many places, and forests are already burning in southern Europe and also in Germany. However, people are not completely at the mercy of danger: how to behave when a fire breaks out. Go to Article

Last but not least

“Getting older has never been sweeter”. Diane Kruger celebrates his birthday with lots of pastries, Buzz Aldrin shares his moon jacket with the world and Jorge González stands up for himself. To the people reports

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