News of the day – News of February 6, 2023 – Politics

News of the day – News of February 6, 2023 – Politics

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Thousands dead in earthquakes in Syria and Turkey. At least 2,300 people have died in Turkey and Syria after earthquakes hit the eastern Mediterranean. Violent earthquakes were again reported around noon from the area of ​​south-eastern Turkey on the Syrian border. The number of confirmed dead and injured continues to rise. Go to Article

The consequences of the quake shake Turkey. An earthquake is a stroke of fate, but the number of victims should not have been so high. In Turkey, a special tax should serve to protect buildings. But it was partially misused. Go to Article

EXCLUSIVE Refugees: City council president sounds the alarm and sees emergency shelters “at the limit” in many places. Germany’s municipalities took in more than 1.2 million refugees last year. Before a new summit talks with Interior Minister Faeser, the City Association raises the alarm. Go to Article

Espionage suspicion: balloon over Latin America also from China. A spokeswoman for China’s foreign ministry said the balloon over Colombia was for “civilian purposes” and was misguided. Go to Article

USA criticize the EU. The Americans reject criticism of their protectionist economic policy: the European Union is hypocritical. Go to Article

Football: Hoffenheim separates from coach Breitenreiter. After falling to 14th place in the table, André Breitenreiter’s time at TSG Hoffenheim is over. Ex-Stuttgart Pellegrino Matarazzo could be a candidate for the successor.

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All about the war in Ukraine

Government reshuffle in Kyiv delayed. Defense Minister Oleksiy Resnikov remains in office for the time being, he has been criticized for a corruption scandal in the catering of the armed forces. However, candidates for the heads of the Ministry of the Interior and the secret service are already known. There are different assessments in Kyiv as to whether a Russian offensive is imminent. Go to Article

Weapons Deliveries: Many allies are keeping a low profile on tank deliveries. Some still count, others have suddenly become very quiet: The provision of leopard– tanks for Ukraine is progressing only sluggishly. Go to Article (SZ Plus)

Russia is reportedly planning elections in occupied territories. The British government reports that votes will be taken in September in the annexed regions, as in the rest of Russia. Federal Education Minister Stark-Watzinger is a guest in Kyiv. And Russia reports a drone explosion south of Moscow. To the live blog

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