News in the Ukraine war: “We will not leave anyone behind”

After the victory in Cherson, President Zelensky held out the prospect of the liberation of other areas. Security forces have started clearing mines.

President Zelensky with his arms crossed

“We don’t forget anyone,” Selenski said in his daily video speech on Saturday evening Photo: dpa

Zelensky announces the liberation of further areas

After Recapture of the southern Ukrainian regional capital Kherson President Zelensky announced the liberation of other areas currently occupied by Russia. “We don’t forget anyone, we won’t leave anyone behind,” Selenski said in his daily video speech on Saturday evening. Meanwhile, Ukrainian police officers and representatives of the military administration returned to Cherson.

The Russian occupiers, who have retreated to the south-east side of the Dnipro River, announced the evacuation of the town of Nowa Kakhovka – which raises concerns about a possible act of sabotage at the hydroelectric power station there. Meanwhile, the Kremlin informed about a telephone call between President Vladimir Putin and the Iranian head of state Ebrahim Raisi. (dpa)

Ukrainian police and authorities back in liberated city of Kherson

A few days after the withdrawal of the Russian troops, representatives of the Ukrainian regional administration and security organs are in the liberated city of Kherson returned to the south of the country. For example, the police and secret service have already resumed their work in Kherson, said Governor Yaroslav Yanushevych in a video that showed him in the center of the regional capital. One of the main tasks at the moment is to clear the region of mines, according to Januschewych.

Russia had largely conquered the Cherson region shortly after the start of its war of aggression at the end of February and in September annexed it in violation of international law, along with the Zaporizhia, Luhansk and Donetsk regions. Under pressure from Ukrainian counter-offensives, Moscow has withdrawn its troops from all parts of Cherson north-west of the Dnipro River in the past few days, including the regional capital of the same name, Cherson. (dpa)

Zelensky: Already 2,000 explosive devices defused in the Cherson region

After Russian troops withdrew from Kherson, Ukrainian security forces began clearing mines in the region. 2,000 explosive devices have already been defused, said Ukrainian President Zelensky on Saturday. He reported massive destruction in the region. “Before fleeing Kherson, the occupiers destroyed all critical infrastructure – communications, water supply, heating, electricity.”

According to the President, the Ukrainian troops have now recaptured around 60 towns in the Cherson region. After eight months of Russian occupation, Ukrainian television was again available in the city of Cherson. The regional energy supplier announced that it was working on restoring the power supply. (afp)

Russian occupiers evacuate the Ukrainian dam town of Nowa Kakhovka

On the other side of the Dnipro, the Russian occupiers have meanwhile announced the evacuation of the dam town of Nowa Kakhovka. The administration of Kakhovka is withdrawing to a safe place together with the citizens of the city, local crew chief Pavel Filipchuk said, according to the Russian state news agency TASS.

It is feared that the dam could be destroyed by shelling and the area could be flooded. For weeks, Russians and Ukrainians have been accusing each other of planning such a provocation. Ukrainian forces have identified the Kakhovka administration as the “number one target for a terrorist attack” in the region, Filipchuk claimed. Ukraine rejects intentions of sabotage. (dpa)

Putin talks to Raisi about expanding economic relations

Kremlin chief Putin and Iran’s President Raisi have discussed the further expansion of relations between the two countries affected by Western sanctions. In the phone call, the focus was on “cooperation in the areas of politics, trade and business,” the Kremlin said afterwards. Iran has good relations with Moscow and was recently criticized for supporting Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine.

About a week ago, Tehran admitted for the first time that it had also supplied combat drones to Russia – albeit before the start of the war at the end of February. Ukraine, in turn, accuses Iran of significantly larger arms deliveries to Moscow. (dpa)

Turkey: Moscow restricts shipping through Kerch Strait

Russia will no longer allow ships loaded abroad to cross the Kerch Strait towards the Sea of ​​Azov, Turkey said. “The passage of ships that have been loaded outside Russian territory is prohibited north through the Kerch Strait,” the Turkish Ministry of Transport said on Twitter. A ministry spokesman said the tip came from the Russian side, without giving any further details. There was initially no comment from Moscow. (dpa)

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