+++ News in the Ukraine war +++: Germany delivers air defense system

Federal Defense Minister Lambrecht wants to deliver the Iris-T SLM air defense system to Ukraine as soon as possible. Russia suffers heavy casualties at Lyman.

Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht in a protective vest in front of a tank

Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht visits a defense position outside of Odessa with her Ukrainian counterpart Oleksiy Reznikov Photo: Jörg Blank/dpa

Russia with heavy losses in Lyman

According to British intelligence services, the Russians suffered high losses when retreating from the strategically important city of Lyman in eastern Ukraine. The city in the eastern region of Donetsk had previously been defended by undermanned Russian units and reservists, according to the daily short report by the British Ministry of Defense on Sunday. Many soldiers were said to have died when retreating via the only road out of the city that was still under Russian control.

Russia had on Saturday – a day after the illegal annexation of several Ukrainian territories – gave up the town of Lyman in a bitter defeat against the Ukrainian army. According to the Russian military, the armed forces have been withdrawn because of the risk of encirclement. Ukrainian authorities had previously spoken of around 5,000 encircled Russian soldiers. So far, however, there has been no concrete information about the number of dead and prisoners. (dpa)

Lambrecht promises Ukraine modern air defense system

Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht has promised to deliver the state-of-the-art Iris-T SLM air defense system to Ukraine within a few days. She “experienced live how much Ukraine suffers from the fact that (with) rockets, that the population is tormented with drones,” said the SPD politician on Saturday evening during her visit to the Ukrainian Black Sea city of Odessa to ARD-” Topics of the Day”. In the afternoon, Lambrecht himself had to temporarily go to a bunker because of an air raid alarm.

It is important to continue to support the Ukrainian air defense with Iris-T, this state-of-the-art new system. But also with drone defense,” said Lambrecht. She added: “This is a very, very important point in order to relieve the burden on the population here.”

At a meeting with her Ukrainian counterpart, Oleksiy Reznikov, Lambrecht announced that the system should arrive in a few days for Ukraine’s defense against Russia. The minister arrived on Saturday afternoon for the first visit to Ukraine since the start of the Russian war of aggression a good seven months ago, which was kept secret until the evening for security reasons. (dpa)

Russia withdraws from Lyman

After this Russian withdrawal from Lyman Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy announced plans to recapture more areas controlled by Russia. “During the week, new Ukrainian flags waved over the Donbass,” Zelensky said in his daily video address on Saturday evening. “There will be more in the coming week.” Ukrainian forces had previously reported an advance in the strategically important city in eastern Ukraine, which had been occupied by Russian troops since the spring.

The Ukrainian Defense Ministry tweeted a video of soldiers holding up a Ukrainian flag next to a sign with the city’s name.

Shortly thereafter, Moscow confirmed the withdrawal of its troops from the city because of the “danger” of encirclement. Ukrainian army spokesmen had previously reported that thousands of soldiers had been surrounded near Lyman.

Lyman is located in the eastern Ukrainian region of Donetsk, for which Russia sealed the annexation by signing agreements on Friday – as did the three other Moscow-controlled regions of Luhansk, Zaporizhia and Kherson. (afp)

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