News in the morning - News of September 23, 2022 - Politics

war in Ukraine

Sham referendums begin on joining Russia. The Russian occupying forces in Ukraine, together with the separatists from the Donetsk and Luhansk regions, have scheduled a vote on the regions joining the Russian Federation. Such a survey is also to take place in the Cherson and Zaporizhia regions. The votes are believed to be rigged. Voting is to take place from September 23rd to 27th. The most important questions and answers. Go to Article

Lavrov gives vent to his disdain for the rest of the world. The foreign ministers of Russia and Ukraine are meeting in the United Nations Security Council for the first time since the beginning of the war. Lavrov arrives far too late, then calls Ukraine a Western-backed totalitarian Nazi state and leaves the hall immediately after his speech. Go to Article

Zelenskiy appeals to Russians: "Protest! Fight! Run away!" Ukrainian President Zelenskiy is calling on the Russians to oppose partial mobilization in the country. In Germany there are calls for easier admission of Russian conscientious objectors. To the live blog

The partial mobilization sparks anger and protests in Russia. There hasn't been so much resistance to Putin since the beginning of the war. However, his regime is fighting back: Those who demonstrate are not only beaten and arrested, they are now threatened with immediate conscription into the army. Observations at a demonstration in Moscow. To the report (SZ Plus)

What is important today

Climate activists want to strike worldwide. After more than two years of the corona pandemic, the activists from "Fridays for Future" reported back in the summer with blockades in Berlin, Hamburg and other cities. They are calling for a climate strike this Friday. In Germany, they are demanding "a special fund of 100 billion euros for fair climate protection measures and crisis prevention" from the federal government. Go to Article (SZ Plus)

SPD boss questions gas levy The government needs "the strength to reconsider and correct paths," says Klingbeil. The workload in the Ministry of Economics is obviously enormous due to the energy crisis. To the live blog on the energy crisis

Study: Amphibian decline in Central America leads to rise in malaria cases. Dozens of frog, salamander and other amphibian species disappeared from parts of Latin America in the 1980s to 2000s. This decline not only disturbs the ecological balance, but according to a study also has health consequences for the people in the regions. Because now there are fewer amphibians eating malaria-carrying mosquitoes. Go to Article

Commander's weapon confiscated after deadly police operation in Dortmund. After the fatal shots at a 16-year-old refugee in Dortmund, investigators had previously assumed that only one officer shot. But a witness says the officer in charge also used his weapon. The cellphones of all five accused police officers were also confiscated. Go to Article

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best things

Finally clear text. Anyone who does not understand what the spontaneous vegetation on the enclosure is about should perhaps emigrate to New Zealand. Official language is now to be abolished there. Go to Article

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