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war in Ukraine

Scholz accuses Putin of "blatant imperialism." In a time of war, the Chancellor takes the floor in the UN general debate. He accuses Russia's President Putin and courts allies. Scholz also objects to Russia's portrayal that the global food crisis is a result of Western sanctions. He also renewed Germany's bid for a seat on the Security Council. Go to Article (SZ Plus)

Baerbock: Russia mocks Ukraine and UN with mock referendums. "We shouldn't let ourselves be fooled by this renewed provocation," says the Federal Foreign Minister, referring to the votes announced in several Ukrainian regions on joining Russia. The Ukrainian head of state Zelensky is demonstratively calm. US President Biden nominates veteran diplomat Tracy as ambassador to Moscow. To the live blog

Zelensky announces the liberation, but the Ukrainian army has problems. The Ukrainian offensive is progressing. But a reconquest of all Russian-held territory could take years. The military established by Kyiv is still in great need of troops and high-quality equipment. For analysis

Everything about the energy crisis

Uniper before nationalization - Doubts about the gas surcharge are growing. The federal government is about to take over the gas company - and could provide it with another eight billion euros. The gas allocation could therefore be inadmissible. The results of the negotiations between the state and the company are to be announced on Wednesday. Go to Article

Long takes Lindner on gas levy in duty. When in doubt, there are alternatives, but they require financing from the budget, says the Green Party leader. It is also the responsibility of the Ministry of Finance to clarify legal questions in view of the impending nationalization of Uniper. To the live blog

The federal and state governments are haggling over billions. The federal government wants the federal states to contribute 19 billion euros to the third relief package. They feel cheated and ignored. Bavaria's Finance Minister Füracker sees "dramatic budget problems" in store for the states and threatens to stop the project in the Bundesrat and call the mediation committee. Go to Article

Debate about Isar 2 is getting sharper. The federal government and Bavaria are arguing about the possible continued operation of the nuclear power plant near Landshut. The Federal Ministry of Economics is surprised at the operator Preussen-Elektra, who points to a defect and then downplays its importance. And from the Federal Environment Ministry there are serious allegations against the CSU-led state government. Go to Article

What is important:

Left Party averts further escalation. After a pro-Russia speech by Sahra Wagenknecht in the Bundestag and several resignations from the party, there are rumors of a possible split in the party. A joint compromise was found in a meeting of the parliamentary group, but the criticism of the two chairmen Mohamed Ali and Bartsch became sharper. Go to Article

At least three dead in protests in Iran. The demonstrations were triggered by the death of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini, who died in a hospital in Tehran on Friday. The young woman was arrested last Tuesday by the moral and religious police because of her "un-Islamic outfit". People flocked to the streets again on Tuesday evening. The pressure on the government is growing.

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best things

Energy to go. Researchers in Australia are putting tiny solar packs on birds to save the endangered species. A great idea - also for other areas. Go to Article

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