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EXKLUSIV EU plans price cap for electricity at 180 euros per megawatt hour. The Commission will propose to member states on Wednesday to skim off high profits from power plants and redistribute them to consumers. The EU countries are to use the proceeds to finance aid programs for households and companies that are having trouble with energy prices. A solidarity levy for oil, gas and coal companies is also planned. Go to Article

Excitement in the Left Party: resignations are piling up. The recent Bundestag speech by ex-group leader Wagenknecht has outraged many members and led to several party resignations. Important people in the party believe a split is inevitable. The only question is when Wagenknecht will leave and with how many. If there are more than three MPs, the left would lose its parliamentary group status in the Bundestag. Go to Article (SZ Plus)

Charles, William and Harry escort the Queen's coffin to Parliament. The funeral procession carrying the Queen's son and grandchildren travels from Buckingham Palace to Westminster Hall on Wednesday afternoon, where a short service will be held. The closed coffin of the Queen is then laid out and the public can say goodbye to the Queen until Monday morning. It is estimated that up to two million mourners will come. Chancellor Scholz and his predecessor Merkel signed the book of condolences for the Queen at the British Embassy in Berlin. To the live blog

China is returning to the world diplomatic stage. After almost 1000 days, Xi Jinping embarks on his first trip abroad. In Central Asia, he meets like-minded people like Russia's President Putin. Shortly before the party conference in October, when China's head of state is to be confirmed for a third term in office, experts believe that the trip should also be about a demonstration of strength. Go to Article (SZ Plus)

Former Clinton special counsel is dead. Kenneth Starr zealously tried to bring down the Democratic President in the Lewinsky Affair. He later sided with Republican Trump in his second impeachment trial. Now the prominent lawyer has died at the age of 76 in a Texas hospital after complications from an operation. Go to Article

Champions League - Bayern Munich wins 2-0 against Barcelona. FC Bayern is missing a striker like Lewandowski for 45 minutes – then Hernández and Sané meet. The win against Barcelona makes the start of the Champions League season perfect. Go to Article

Basketball EM: Germany moves into the semifinals. The national basketball team showed an outstanding performance in the 107:96 against the favorites Greece - and now meets Spain. Giannis Antetokounmpo, one of the best basketball players in the world, is thrown off the field after his second unsportsmanlike foul. Go to Article

war in Ukraine

Scholz demands ceasefire from Putin. The Chancellor is urging Russia's President to end the war against Ukraine. In a 90-minute phone call with Putin, Scholz called for a "complete withdrawal of Russian troops" and respect for Ukraine's territorial integrity and sovereignty as a basis for negotiations. In the event of further annexations, he threatens new sanctions. The Ukrainian Foreign Minister Kuleba calls for German tanks again. Go to Article

OPINION When it comes to armament issues, the EU countries work more against each other than with each other. Under the impression of the attack on Ukraine, the federal government wants to strengthen Europe's cooperation on armaments projects - but the reality looks grim. To the commentright

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Golf in sheep's clothing. Four men play mini golf in Kentucky for 24 hours and hole 2097 balls - world record. But the real art is not in the hits. Go to Article

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