News in the morning – News of September 13, 2022 – Politics

What is important today

EXCLUSIVE EU wants to oblige governments to support programs. Green, coal and nuclear power providers are currently making enormous profits because the market price is based on the costs of the most expensive electricity producer. And these are the gas power plants. In order to relieve electricity customers, the profits from these cheap power plants are to be skimmed off and redistributed. The authority not only wants to make recommendations to the member states, but also wants to rely on tough regulations. Go to Article (SZ Plus)

Heavy fighting between Azerbaijan and Armenia. The decades-long conflict in the crisis region flares up again and both sides blame each other. According to the Armenian side, Azerbaijani troops attacked three positions with artillery and large-caliber weapons. There are dead and wounded. In Baku, the Defense Ministry says that a large-scale attempt at sabotage by Armenians triggered the fighting: “The entire responsibility for the situation lies with Armenia’s military-political leadership.” Go to Article

Detained activists in Myanmar reportedly tortured to death. The military junta has been taking drastic action against members of the opposition since the coup a year and a half ago. Human Rights Watch is now documenting what some opponents of the regime have to endure in prison. At least 73 people have died in police stations, military interrogation centers and prisons, the NGO reports, tracing six cases in which activists were either tortured to death or died because they were denied medical care. Go to Article

Verdict expected in gas station murder case Mario N. had dived into the world of the Corona conspirators. When a young man in a gas station asked him to put on the mask, he shot him in the forehead. After more than five months of trial, the victim’s mother still doesn’t know why. The verdict is due to be pronounced this Tuesday. Go to Article (SZ Plus)

Nuclear repository in Switzerland: “It was a clear decision”. Geology and safety: This is how the Swiss authorities justify why the country’s nuclear repository should be built in the north on the border with Germany. But nothing is definitive – and the people have the last word. Go to Article

Other important topics of the day

war in Ukraine

If the war goes on for years, Ukraine will need a lot more money. Tax and customs revenues have collapsed, while spending on the army, police, secret service and territorial defense has exploded. Since the beginning of the war, Ukraine has only been able to stay afloat because the National Bank has sold its foreign exchange reserves and bought war bonds – but above all because Western countries have been supporting Ukraine with loans and grants worth billions. But the war could last for years – and with it the need for at least dozens more billions from the West. Go to Article (SZ Plus)

How the Ukrainian advance in the east went. In just six days, the Ukrainian army expelled the Russian occupiers from the north-east of the country. Even experts are surprised by the rapid counter-offensive. A reconstruction in maps. Go to Article (SZ Plus)

Further achievements may not be so easy to achieve. The Ukrainians have exploited a Russian blunder in eastern Ukraine and their advance appears to be continuing. But Russia still controls around a fifth of Ukrainian territory – and is relying on a strategy of maximum destruction. Go to Article (SZ Plus)

How the Kremlin reacts to the recapture of Ukraine. Putin inaugurates a Ferris wheel and the army merely undertakes a “regrouping”: Officially they are undeterred, but within the power structure things are beginning to rumble. The Kremlin ruler is a pity for “Russia’s future,” write about two dozen local deputies from Moscow and Saint Petersburg, calling for his resignation. Go to Article (SZ Plus)

Discussion about delivery of main battle tanks. Politicians in all three coalition parties can now apparently imagine supplying tanks to Ukraine. However, they have failed so far with their advances. Go to Article (SZ Plus)

best things

Crooked is attractive. Pisa? Ridiculous! The sloping tower in the world is not found in Italy, but in Gau-Weinheim. Are the hordes of tourists coming to Rhineland-Palatinate now? Go to Article

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