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Bolsonaro’s party appeals election result The president who was voted out wants some of the votes from the run-off election to be declared invalid and justifies this with supposedly defective electronic ballot boxes. A court is now giving the party time to think it over. Because the objection is only possible if the first ballot is also checked. Go to Article

Supreme Court allows release of Trump’s tax records. This is an important victory for the Democrats. Now they can request the former US President’s documents before the Republicans take power in the House of Representatives. Go to Article

Markus Söder wants to lift the mask requirement in local transport. If the number of cases remains low and no more dangerous mutation appears, the regulation should fall as early as December, the Bavarian Prime Minister announced. The rule applies to long-distance Deutsche Bahn services until April 2023. Go to Article

Selensky announces warming rooms for the population. The Ukrainian President wants to set up more than 4,000 places for the country’s residents who are plagued by the cold and darkness, where care is guaranteed around the clock and free of charge. Kiev Mayor Klitschko warns of the “worst winter since the Second World War”. To the live blog on the war in Ukraine

OPINION In Putin’s war even playing with the nuclear catastrophe is possible (SZ Plus)

Microsoft manager Janik criticizes the degree of digitization in Germany. German managers have forgotten how to manage risk, says Marianne Janik, the Germany boss of the US software group Microsoft in an interview with the Süddeutsche Zeitung. In doing so, they take away the opportunity to take full advantage of some innovations. The security risk is also greater. To the interview (SZ Plus)

Iran deploys ground troops to Kurdish areas. The mullah regime cannot get the nationwide street protests under control. Now the government wants to regain control of at least the area on the Iraqi border with a military attack on Kurdish cities. There are reports of civilians killed in the region. Go to Article

Everything you need to know about the World Cup

DfB-Elf starts the tournament against Japan. Germany will play their first game in Qatar on Wednesday. What are the chances of the DfB-Elf? How much Leo is left in her? How much flick is already in there? A search for clues. Go to Article (SZ Plus)

Buckling of the DFB in the One Love bandage triggers outrage. The alleged role as a Qatar critic and Fifa opposition is only a narrative so far. The new DFB President Neuendorf has to deal with a major damage to his image. Go to Article (SZ Plus)

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