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EXCLUSIVE Ramelow for German arms deliveries to Ukraine. With his statement, Thuringia’s prime minister again opposes the resolution of his Left Party. “I used to be opposed to arms deliveries,” says the 66-year-old, but adds: “Anyone who is attacked has the right to defend themselves.” The pressure on Putin must increase, says Ramelow and also attacks his party colleague Wagenknecht, including for her argument that the federal government’s economic sanctions would cause more damage in Germany than in Russia. That is untruthful. To the interview (SZ Plus)

LNG terminals will be 3.5 billion euros more expensive than planned. They are considered indispensable for the gas supply in Germany, but now the costs for the liquefied natural gas terminals are rising drastically. According to the Ministry of Economic Affairs, a total of around 6.56 billion euros in budget funds are currently planned. To the energy live blog

Chinese state media attack Baerbock. Chancellor Scholz is portrayed as a guarantor of continuity in relations, while the foreign minister is sharply criticized. The reason is apparently the draft of the Federal Foreign Office for a new China strategy. Beijing is accused of pursuing an increasingly aggressive foreign policy. Dealing with China must change. Go to Article (SZ Plus)

Asthma incidence in children has decreased significantly. The corona lockdown had an unexpected effect: there were almost a third fewer asthma diagnoses in children. It is possible that cold pathogens play a greater role in the development of this condition than previously thought. Go to Article (SZ Plus)

Coronavirus: Incidence, intensive care patients, vaccination rate – the most important data in graphics, continuously updated

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Soccer World Cup

“Hansi, now I’ll show you the best player walking around on campus!”. The veteran coach Gerland travels to the World Cup as an expert for special tasks – at the express request of head coach Flick. In the DFB squad he meets players that he recognized and recommended early on. A nostalgic conversation about timeless values, Dutch coach van Gaal and playing football with mumps. To the interview (SZ Plus)

Netherlands vs Senegal: Despite cancer, Van Gaal is at the World Cup and is talking about the final

Iran takes on England. The national team is particularly in focus at the World Cup because of the women’s rights protests at home. The mullah regime wants to take it over and the demonstrators are hoping for a gesture of support. Go to Article (SZ Plus)

Co-favourite England: The local public expresses concerns, but the chances are better than ever

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