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Everything you need to know about the war in Ukraine

Biden: evidence of Ukrainian anti-aircraft missile after explosion in Poland A violent detonation occurs a few kilometers from the Polish-Ukrainian border. On the sidelines of the G-20 summit, the US President calls allies together for an emergency meeting. The heads of government now want to await the investigations. But Biden speaks of information about the missile’s trajectory that made it unlikely that Russia fired it. To the live blog

What we know about the incident in Poland. There are reports that the detonation was triggered by a Russian-made rocket. Where it was fired is unclear – it may have been an anti-aircraft missile from Ukraine. An overview of what is known so far and what is not. Go to Article

Poland is calm. While other countries are talking about escalation and condemning the possible rocket impact in south-eastern Poland, the government in Warsaw is trying to exercise restraint. The National Security Council and the cabinet meet at night for special sessions. Go to Article (SZ Plus)

What is important today

Trump is running again. In a long speech at his Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida, the former US President declared that he would get back into the race for the White House. He tells his followers: “Soon we will be a great nation again.” However, after the poor results of the midterm elections, criticism of Trump is growing among Republicans. Go to Article

Climate summit enters decisive phase. In Sharm el-Sheikh, the negotiators only have two or three days to settle the final points of contention. There are many of them – for example when it comes to the question of how states can reduce emissions of greenhouse gases more quickly, or when dealing with the damage that climate change is already causing. Go to Article

World trade defies all crises. Pandemic, war, broken supply chains: Despite everything, the global movement of goods is growing. After an initial slump in the corona pandemic, it has recently reached a record level again, as a study by the management consultancy McKinsey shows. Go to Article

What a mild winter would mean for gas consumption. The German Weather Service is forecasting moderate temperatures – this could help to maintain the necessary savings of at least 20 percent in gas consumption in the coming months. Compared to previous years, the winter could still be cool. Go to Article (SZ Plus)

Bavaria relaxes the Corona rules. This Wednesday, the obligation to isolate corona infected people will no longer apply in the Free State. You no longer have to stay at home, but wear a mask. What does that mean for retirement homes and clinics? What applies to students and teachers? Answers to the most important questions. Go to Article

The last test of the national team. Right before the World Cup, Germany’s footballers will play against Oman this Wednesday. The national coach is looking for the optimal cast for his offensive: with Müller or without? What is the role of Götze? Flick is hoping for a few insights here, but has to pay close attention to the regeneration of his players. Go to Article

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