News in the morning – News of November 10, 2022 – Politics

What is important today

Republicans are urging Trump to delay his ‘big announcement’. Given the disappointing midterm results, even ex-president supporters are urging him to wait with the “big announcement” he has promised, which is believed to be the announcement of his renewed candidacy for president President acts. Incumbent US President Biden meanwhile praises his party’s performance and is open to working with the Republicans. To the live blog on the US midterms

Biden basks in midterm results. The US President is claiming a historic electoral success: “The Democratic Party has exceeded everyone’s expectations,” says Biden. She did better than in any midterm election since the 1960s. Go to Article

EXCLUSIVE Administration in Germany is still lagging behind when it comes to digitization: By the end of the year, Germans should be able to complete many administrative procedures online. It’s not enough that this doesn’t work, now many millions of euros in the federal government’s digitization budget are threatening to expire. Go to Article (SZ Plus)

EXCLUSIVE Greenpeace raises allegations against car companies. According to a study commissioned by the environmental organization, manufacturers want to sell 330 million more cars with internal combustion engines than is justifiable under the Paris climate agreement. That is “incompatible with the climate target of 1.5 degrees”. The car companies are “saying goodbye to the oil age much too slowly,” warns Greenpeace finance expert Vargas. Go to Article (SZ Plus)

Protection zones planned for 30 percent of the land area and seas. At the World Conference on Nature in Montréal, a decision is to be made to protect almost a third of the land area and the world oceans in order to stop further species extinction. Go to Article (SZ Plus)

Bundesliga: Cologne is subject to Leverkusen. In the Bundesliga derby, 1. FC Köln is the better team in almost every respect – but the Rhenish rival has the best five minutes. After the 1: 2 coach Baumgart says: “It’s very annoying for us.” Go to Article

Other important topics

Everything you need to know about the war in Ukraine

Kremlin chief Putin does not travel to the G-20 summit. According to the Indonesian government, Russian President Putin will not attend next week’s G-20 summit in Bali. Foreign Minister Lavrov came instead. After the withdrawal of troops from parts of Cherson announced by Russia, the Ukrainian President Selenskiy urged restraint. To the live blog about the war

The front after the withdrawal of Russian troops from Cherson. Russia has ordered its troops to retreat west of Ukraine’s Djnepr River around the city of Kherson. The city and region are crucial in Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine. A journey along the front line. Go to Article (SZ Plus)

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