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“We have a lot of catching up to do” Months after the start of the war in Ukraine, Alfons Mais, commander-in-chief of the land forces, still does not believe his troops are fully operational. One reason for this is the delivery of material and weapons to Ukraine. The special fund of 100 billion euros for the Bundeswehr should not “obscure the fact that it will take years for it to affect the entire width of the troops”. Go to Article (SZ Plus)

Global greenhouse emissions will increase in 2022. According to the “Global Carbon Project” initiative, emissions from the use of fossil raw materials such as coal, oil and gas have increased by around one percent compared to the previous year. They total 36.6 billion tons. This means that the emissions are slightly higher than before the corona pandemic. Go to Article

Bundestag votes for partial repetition of the federal elections in Berlin. The 2021 vote was sometimes chaotic in the capital. In more than 400 constituencies, voters are now being called to the polls again. However, it is still unclear when new elections will take place, because the parliamentary decision could still end up before the Federal Constitutional Court. Go to Article

France takes in rescued boat people and criticizes Italy. The way people are treated is “unacceptable,” France’s Interior Minister Darmanin told post-fascist Prime Minister Meloni. A ship with 234 refugees was not allowed to dock in Italy, now they have arrived in France. In response, France is stepping up its controls at the Italian border – and wants to send migrants back from there in the future. Go to Article

Democrats use abortion debate to win midterms After the Supreme Court overturned the landmark ruling on abortion, many candidates did so on the number one issue. Even the traditionally Republican voting women from the suburbs voted frequently for the Democrats this time. Go to Article

Musk doesn’t rule out Twitter’s bankruptcy. The tech billionaire warns its employees that bankruptcy is a possibility. The economic situation is “bad”. Meanwhile, the US consumer protection agency is issuing a sharp warning after the tick chaos. Go to Article

Everything you need to know about the energy crisis and the war in Ukraine

Bundestag decides on emergency aid for gas customers. Parliament approved the first stage of the gas price brake. Meanwhile, FDP boss Lindner no longer rules out a speed limit. To the energy live blog

Ukraine expects calmer warfare in winter. The time will be used to recover, says Foreign Minister Resnikov. According to Ukrainian sources, the withdrawal of Russian troops from the Kherson district will take at least a week. US President Biden does not believe in an end to the war as long as Putin is in power. To the Ukraine live blog

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