News in the morning – News of March 28, 2023 – Politics

News in the morning – News of March 28, 2023 – Politics

What is important today

Israel’s government postpones controversial judicial reform. After weeks of protests, Prime Minister Netanyahu confirmed that he would not implement the project for the time being. He says he wants to seek dialogue with the opposition. His opponents are already making it clear: the protests will continue. But the prime minister is also coming under pressure from his far-right coalition partners. The dispute over the reform could end up costing Netanyahu his office. Go to Article (SZ Plus)

EXCLUSIVE Mechanical engineering industry harshly criticizes green economic policy. “In the traffic light coalition there is a belief in the state that does not lead to the best solutions,” says Karl Haeusgen, President of the Association of German Mechanical and Plant Engineering Süddeutsche Zeitung. Economics Minister Habeck believes in laws that are as tightly meshed as possible, but not in entrepreneurial freedom. To the interview (SZ Plus)

The automotive industry is less interested in e-fuels than aviation. Minister of Transport Wissing is campaigning for e-fuels to prevent the end of combustion engines. But automakers are only partially enthusiastic about his initiative. Synthetic fuels are more in demand in the aviation industry, where they are indispensable for making aircraft climate-neutral. Go to Article (SZ Plus)

OPINION The FDP and the e-fuel fairy tale (SZ Plus)

German leopard– Main battle tanks arrived in Ukraine. The Ukrainian army will receive 18 modern main battle tanks Leopard 2A6, tanks from Great Britain and the USA also arrive. “We delivered – as announced,” says Chancellor Scholz. Hungary’s parliament waves through Finland’s NATO membership. Russia fails with a Security Council resolution to investigate the sabotage of the Nord Stream pipelines. To the live blog on the war in Ukraine

Allegations of sexual harassment: German Tennis Association calls on Dirk Hordorff to resign. The Vice President of the DTB is to give up his office. This was preceded by research by SZ, NDR and “Sportschau”, in which several athletes accused the tennis official of sexual harassment. Go to Article

The round at “Hart aber fair” is divided on the subject of strikes. No mega traffic jams and a lot of understanding for those affected: the nationwide warning strike is largely running smoothly. In the case of Louis Klamroth’s guests, on the other hand, there can be no talk of peacefulness. Monday night’s all-women group split into those who defended the strikers and those who said the strike was “completely disproportionate.” For TV criticism (SZ Plus)

Other important topics

Gunman kills several people at US elementary school

Bishop election of the Evangelical Church in Bavaria failed

At least seven dead and 50 missing in landslide in Ecuador

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