New seats in all Lufthansa classes

New seats in all Lufthansa classes

Adopted home: In the future, first class will have outside cabins with a view for those traveling alone…
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Lufthansa is installing 30,000 new seats. They should offer unprecedented individuality above the clouds. There are benches, beds and cabins. And the question of whether customers can still see through it.

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Holger Apple

Editor in business, responsible for “Technology and Engine”.

A long-haul flight can take 15 hours, modern twin-engine aircraft such as the Airbus A 350 or the Boeing 777 can do it without a break. For passengers, there is a fine line between enjoying flying and suffering from sitting for long periods of time. If you have to work on the go or at your destination, think again, choose seats with the possibility of opening a laptop without neck cramps or lying down for a few hours. It doesn’t matter which airline you travel with, the cabin layout and service differ. Traditionally, Asian providers such as Singapore Airlines or Cathay Pacific enjoy the reputation of being particularly hospitable. The Arab companies like Emirates or Qatar lure with luxury. Americans are considered to be more pragmatic. And the Lufthansa finds its place as a solid quality provider that you trust blindly.

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