New in the cinema: “Mother”: Eight times Anke Engelke

New in cinema
“Mother”: Eight times Anke Engelke

Anke Engelke has many talents - also playing a mother.  Photo: Tom Trambow/mindjazz/dpa

Anke Engelke has many talents – also playing a mother. photo

© Tom Trambow/mindjazz/dpa

What does a woman and mother experience? That’s what the new film with Anke Engelke is all about. What appears to be a classic turns out to be a film experiment.

By 2021 at the latest, Anke Engelke has impressively demonstrated that she can be quite strong when it comes to acting mother: In the short film “My Son”, which unfortunately also received little attention because of Corona, she plays the worried mother of a skateboard pro who is as wild as she is touching and who has a few secrets.

Now the actress, singer and comedian, born in 1965 in Montreal, Canada, is allowed to have eight Women embody.

Unconventional test arrangement

The film, designed as a kind of experiment (note the tasteful poster that goes with it), is located somewhere in the not exactly defined border area between documentary and feature film. It is about the roles that women and mothers play in our society, about the complex issue of motherhood.

The film, directed by Carolin Schmitz, tells not only about the doubts, but also about the beautiful moments that come with being a mother. Not only of power, but also of powerlessness, of anger and rage, of affection and love.

Eight women between the ages of 30 and 75 report on their lives in this film. The special trick of this highly idiosyncratic test arrangement: Even if we always Anke Engelke in the film image and it is her mouth that moves, we hear the original voices of the eight women mentioned. “The actress,” according to the film’s announcement on the distribution site, “integrates the women’s accounts into the laconic narrative of the everyday life of a woman and mother.”


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