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Apple already presented parts of its new iOS 16 operating system in June of this year. At the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2022, the American tech giant also announced the release date of iOS 16. As expected, the group around CEO Tim Cook took until the fall. So that moved Apple in the rhythm of the past few years, so far the updates of the operating systems have always appeared in autumn. But what innovations does the new operating system iOS 16 bring with it? How long has it been available for download and how do I download the system to my iPhone?

When is iOS 16 available?

iOS 16 has been available for download for all users with compatible devices since September 12, 2022. As early as around 7 p.m. Central European Time, interested parties could download the update to their end devices. Unusual: The optimized operating system for the tablet, iPadOS 2022, will be released at a later date than iOS 16. Apple announced the following month, i.e. October 2022. This also applies to the release of macOS Ventura – the new operating system for the Mac.

iOS 16 – what new features does the update bring?

At the start of the WWDC 2022 developer conference, Apple gave a foretaste of the new iOS 16 operating system. The devices are equipped with a number of innovations. The most important things at a glance:

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lock screen

  • With iOS 16, Apple offers new ways to personalize the lock screen. The background and style of the lock screens can be optically individualized, notifications can be stacked or listed and live activities can be tracked more easily. The look can be adjusted by pressing and holding the lock screen.
  • Focus, a feature introduced in iOS 15, is technically progressing in the course of iOS 16. Not only can you choose which apps and people to display notifications. The focus can also be linked to the lock screen to adapt the style to it.


  • With iOS 16, Apple simplifies photo sharing. The latter can be divided, for example, based on the people who can be seen in the photos. Once the shared library is set up, images can be added directly from the camera app.
  • There is also an automatic partial function. It allows photos to be shared as soon as other members of the media library are nearby.
  • Motifs in pictures can be cut out, cut out, copied and shared along the contours. This function is not only available within the photo app, but sometimes also in the overview and in Safari.


  • Thanks to iOS 16, messages can still be edited or even undone up to 15 minutes after they were sent.
  • Messages can be sent via SharePlay parallel to the streaming of series, films or music.
  • For optimized collaboration, notes, presentations or appointment reminders can be shared in messages.


  • Bookmarks and tabs can now be shared, messages can be sent or FaceTime calls can be started directly in Safari. The prerequisite for surfing together is the installation of iOS 16, iPadOS 16 or macOS Ventura.

dictation function

  • iOS 16 takes Apple’s dictation feature to a new level. Improved speech recognition, correct punctuation marks, integrated emojis: users should be offered intelligent innovations.
  • Text can be typed in at the same time as the dictation – without stopping the former.


  • Plan the route at your leisure on the Mac and then later transfer it to the iPhone – this works with iOS 16. Routes can be provided with up to 15 stopovers.
  • In addition, Apple had already announced that it would integrate local and long-distance public transport tickets from the Wallet app into the Maps app.


  • Apple has also tightened the security of its devices as part of iOS 16. A new login method is available with Passkeys. It is continuously encrypted and is said to be protected against phishing and data leaks – an advantage over classic two-factor authentication. In addition, passkeys also work on non-Apple devices.
  • Protection of minors: Accounts for children can be equipped with parental controls right from the start – for example, media or screen times that are unsuitable for their age can be restricted.
  • With the new data protection tool “Safety Check”, Apple developed a new form of security check under iOS 16. The goal: to counteract stalking, violence or other dangers. In this way, access rights and location approvals for other people who pose a risk can be removed quickly and easily. “It also allows users to better understand and manage which people and apps they have given access to‘ the company wrote in a press release.

Further details on features of iOS 16 will follow in the coming days. For example, to update Carplay, with which functions of the iPhone can be used directly within the car electronics.

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How to Install iOS 16 on iPhone?

The download and subsequent installation of iOS 16 can be easily initiated on the iPhone itself. The corresponding point is under the tabs Settings – General – Software update. Once the point software update is selected, the iPhone will check for a new software version and show iOS 16 as the new operating system.

Is the option Automatic updates activated on the iPhone, the smartphone loads the update in the background and notifies the user after the download that the new operating system is about to be installed.

Which iPhones support iOS 16?

Also in 2022 Apple will ban some iPhone models from the compatibility list. So iOS 16 will only be available to users up to the iPhone 8 or 8 Plus from 2017 offered, which currently costs around 180 euros.

This means that users of the now five-year-old iPhone remain up to date with the latest software and do not necessarily have to buy a new Apple smartphone. iPhones older than the iPhone 8, such as the iPhone 7, are no longer supported. Users either have to upgrade their hardware, buy a newer model or simply do without iOS 16.

Table: These iPhones will get iOS 16

iPhone model Publishing year
1. iPhone 8 2017
2. iPhone 8Plus 2017
3. iPhone X 2017
4. iPhone XR 2018
5. iPhone XS 2018
6. iPhone XS Max 2018
7. iphone 11 2019
8th. iPhone 11 Pro 2019
9. iPhone 11 Pro Max 2019
10 iPhone SE (2nd generation) 2020
11. iPhone 12 mini 2020
12. iphone 12 2020
13. iPhone 12 Pro 2020
14 iPhone 12 Pro 2020
15 iPhone 13 mini 2021
16 iPhone 13 2021
17 iPhone 13 Pro 2021
18 iPhone 13 Pro Max 2021
19 iPhone SE (2022) 2022
20 iPhone 14 2022
21 iPhone 14Plus 2022
22 iPhone 14 Pro 2022
23 iPhone 14 Pro Max 2022

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First published: 09/11/2019, 12:55 p.m.

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