New album: The Fehlfarben sing Tacheles again

New album
The wrong colors sing Tacheles again

The band Fehlfarben with singer Peter Hein (in front) presents a new album.  Photo: Neal Mcqueen/Wallpaper Records/dpa

The band Fehlfarben with singer Peter Hein (in front) presents a new album. photo

© Neal Mcqueen/Wallpaper Records/dpa

40 years ago, the Fehlfarben sang Tacheles on the legendary debut “Monarchy and Everyday Life”. With their new album, the band from Düsseldorf and Wuppertal is also targeting a gloomy present.

It’s probably just a coincidence that the new album of post-punk icons Fehlfarben is being released almost simultaneously with a masterpiece by rock trio Dienerve, who is 30 years his junior (and that both sing a somber song on “Europa”).

But it fits into this time that two fabulous bands – one founded in 1979, the other in 2010 – are currently causing left-wing uneasiness and pain about Germany, Europe and express the world clearly. And their resistance.

the Dusseldorf/Wuppertaler Fehlfarben around singer Peter Hein (65) already achieved legendary status with their debut “Monarchy and Everyday Life” (1980). The record with punk rock songs like “Grauschleier”, “Ein Jahr (Es geht vor)” or “Paul ist tot” is considered by many music critics to be one of the best German-language albums today.

A strong late work

After separations and new formations, the band has been regularly active on concert stages and in the recording studio again since the comeback “Knietief im Dispo” (2002). The current album “?0???” (the enigmatic title stands for the uncertainty in 2022 that evokes many question marks) seamlessly ties into the strong late work releases of Fehlfarben on the Hamburg indie pop label tapete.

“Go on the path/the path that no one else goes/don’t go it alone/you won’t come home alone” – the very first lines of the album’s opener “Into the World Placed” are typically false colors: a call to action and at the same time an appeal to join hands. In addition, the familiar mix of punk, rock, new German wave, funk and dub-reggae sounds, to which Hein chants his slogans and grumbles.

It doesn’t get any more comfortable afterwards – the wrong colors were and are a bulky bunch. There is scolding and cursing (“Go shit with your pride…”), a lot can be interpreted in several directions. “There is nothing more embarrassing than the obvious,” quotes Wallpaper Peter Hein, who announces “new poems in old sound tubes.”

The Corona pandemic was also a challenge for the false colors, but eventually “?0???” but done. Singer Hein again in the usual ironic tone: “They created pieces without end, which despite all the “measures” and pestilence developed on site and during a last gasp despite 70% case numbers could, yes had to, be finished.” Thanks for that.

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