Netherlands clearly beaten: Germany reaches quarterfinals

Handball World Cup
Clear victory against Netherlands: Germany reaches quarterfinals

Germany's Julian Köster scores a goal against the Dutch

Germany’s Julian Köster scores a goal against the Dutch

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Germany’s handball players are early in the World Cup quarterfinals. The win against the Netherlands is only tight in the first half. Now only heavyweights are waiting.

The German handball players continued their winning streak at the World Cup and reached the quarter-finals early. The DHB selection also showed a strong performance on Saturday evening and defeated the Netherlands with 33:26 (15:12). This means that the knockout round is already perfect before the final main round game on Monday (8.30 p.m. / ARD) against the Norwegians, who are also qualified.

In front of around 5,000 spectators in Kattowitz, Poland, the outstanding playmaker Juri Knorr was the best thrower of the still undefeated German team with nine goals. As so often in this tournament, goalkeeper Andreas Wolff also delivered a more than convincing performance.

Only first pass required

This will also be important in the future. The Norwegians on Monday are already among the best in the world. And in the quarterfinals she scores DHB-Selection then either on Olympic champions France or Spain.

The German team was already challenged by the Dutch, at least in the first round. National coach Alfred Gislason and his players hardly missed an opportunity to warn their opponents before the game. That it would be a completely different game than the 39:19 against the hopelessly overwhelmed Argentinians. You should be right.

From the start, an extremely fast-paced and close encounter developed in Katowice. A two-goal lead was initially the highest that the DHB selection could play out. Because the Dutch kept coming back. Only in the second round drew Germany from that.

Juri Knorr towers above

Driven by their playmaker Luc Steins, the Oranje team kept rolling towards the German defense at a crazy pace. The DHB selection needed a few minutes to adjust to this. Only when the strong again Wolff saved a seven-meter penalty in the 11th minute, the German team took the lead for the first time shortly afterwards. And didn’t fall behind after that.

Once again it was the youngest in the team who shaped the game of the DHB selection. The 22 year old gnarled never got the Dutch under control. Similar to Steins, the Rhein-Neckar Löwen professional led his team’s attacks at high speed.

If the Dutch defense formed quickly enough, he always found a breakthrough with his own shots. Or he just converted his seven meters. Knorr was involved in almost every dangerous action of the DHB selection.

In the end, victory is clear

“We did well in most phases, that’s why we’re up three goals,” said DHB sports director Axel Kromer at the break. After the change of sides, the German team then extended their lead because the Dutch didn’t want to succeed at all in the meantime.

But the enemy never gave up. Because, unlike the German team, he lacked alternatives on the bench, it became clear in the end. But that should be different against Norway.


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