Neo-Nazis in Brazil: Hitler salute? – Job gone

Dhe Brazilian moderator Bruno Aiub has lost his job. “I think Nazis should be allowed to have their own party,” he said on the Flow podcast. Aiub also said everyone should have the right to oppose Jews to be. Sponsors dropped out shortly after the show. In addition, the Attorney General’s Office opened an investigation because in the same program the Liberal MP Kim Kataguiri’s statements, although not going so far, went in a similar direction. He said an ideology or opinion should not be fought with laws but with debates.

The podcast, which has since been deleted, was then the subject of another discussion program that was broadcast on the major radio station “Jovem Pan”, also in moving images. This show also ended with a dismissal. The reason was a gesture by the well-known commentator Adrilles Jorge. During the program he repeatedly condemned the glorification of National Socialism. At the very end – and after a reference to the atrocities committed by communist regimes – he raised his hand in farewell. A Hitler salute? Sarcasm? Nothing at all?

In the context of the previous discussion, it was definitely “surreal, Adrilles,” as the show’s moderator said, shocked – to which Jorge Adreiles showed a broad grin. Jorge, who denies that it was a Hitler salute, is now also out of his job.

Knowledge has never been more valuable

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Jewish organizations in Brazil are outraged by the incidents. They sharply condemned the events and statements. The Brazilian organization Jews for Democracy called the gesture “absurd” and “unacceptable” – a day after a “Youtuber” and an MP defended the existence of a Nazi party. A reaction also came from the German embassy in Brazil: “Defending National Socialism is not freedom of expression.” Rather, this is disrespectful to the victims and survivors of this regime and disregards the atrocities it caused.

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