Nele Ludowig & Co.: Celebrity daughters about family clothing swaps

Nele Ludowig & Co.
Celebrity daughters on family clothing swaps

Cheyenne Ochsenknecht, Nele Ludowig, Lili Budach and Elena Carrière (from left to right) at the Deichmann Fashiontalk in Berlin.

Cheyenne Ochsenknecht, Nele Ludowig, Lili Budach and Elena Carrière (from left to right) at the Deichmann Fashiontalk in Berlin.

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The celebrity daughters Cheyenne Ochsenknecht, Nele Ludowig, Lili Budach and Elena Carrière also succumb to the temptation of mom’s wardrobe.

The celebrity daughters Cheyenne Ochsenknecht (22), Nele Ludowig (19), Elena Carrière (26) and Lili Budach (19) met at the Deichmann Fashion Talks with a fashion show by star choreographer Marvin A. Smith about their favorite outfits , swapping clothes within the family and growing up in famous families. And of course about their own shoe ticks.

Fashion awareness was instilled in young women from their mothers in the cradle – or rather: in their closets. The same is often plundered for this, as they all admit. Lili Budach, daughter of Janine Kunze (48), and Nele Ludowig, daughter of Frauke Ludowig (58), ask each other new outfits or handbags: “Have you stolen something from your mom again?” With Cheyenne Ochsenknecht, offspring of Natascha Ochsenknecht (58), it is mainly sweaters or coats that she steals from her mother’s closet.

Dad’s cashmere sweaters

Elena Career also uses her father’s clothes, actor Mathieu Carrière (72): “The cashmere sweaters with turtlenecks are his trademark, he’s just been wearing them for years, even if they have holes, he loves them – I wear it too.” And the clothes are also exchanged in Nele Ludowig’s family: “Well, I wear mom’s clothes, my sister Nika’s and dad’s too. In fact, I’m not shy at all.”

When it comes to shoes, women agree: the more, the better. Lili Budach describes herself as a “shoe fanatic” and lives by the motto: “A nice shoe and you’re the eye-catcher in no time!” Nele Ludowig estimates the number of her shoes “in the low double-digit range”. Also cheyenne has an impressive collection – she collects sneakers and unique pieces. “There are some that I never wear because they are really unique,” says the Ochsenknecht daughter. She also associates a very special memory with a pair: “There is a pink pair of shoes, my husband has them too. We both wore them on the day we went to the hospital to give birth to our daughter and we cherish them .” Carrière, on the other hand, couldn’t part with a single pair of shoes: “I could sort out almost all my clothes, but shoes have such an emotional value.”

“Fashion doesn’t have to be expensive”

Budach wore a certain pair of very comfortable shoes during her Abitur “so that I also feel comfortable” – allegedly they “brought her a bit of luck too”. But her heart also beats for high heels: “I think there’s nothing better than high heels to simply feel strong, and also big in the truest sense of the word.” Incidentally, none of this has anything to do with big money: “I’m a student myself right now and I can’t afford every designer shoe, but then there are brands that make it possible to go with the trend anyway. Fashion doesn’t always have to be expensive,” says Lili. And Nele adds: “I don’t think anything has to be expensive at all. I’m also a big fan of second-hand shopping, especially when it comes to branded clothes. But I think if you really like something, then you can definitely help it save up.”

They also exchanged views on the celebrity status of their parents Women at the event. Lili Budach: “In a certain way you grow up differently or you are confronted with other things at a young age.” Nele Ludowig thinks it’s important to remain down-to-earth “and then to see my mom more simply as a mom.” And Cheyenne Ochsenknecht remembers that a friendship with the daughter of a footballer helped her: “At least there was a friend from a well-known family with whom you could chat a little.”


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