Negotiations between Porsche and Red Bull failed

PPorsche's entry into the Formula 1 racing team Red Bull from world champion Max Verstappen has burst. The German premium brand announced this on Friday after tough negotiations. "Both companies have jointly come to the conclusion that these talks will not be continued," shared Porsche in a statement: "The premise was always a partnership at eye level, which includes not only an engine partnership but also the team. This could not be realized."

However, entry into the premier class is not off the table for Porsche. "With the changes to the regulations that have been decided, however, the racing series remains an attractive environment for Porsche, which will continue to be monitored," it said.

Porsche's VW sister company Audi had recently announced entry from 2026, when new engine regulations with a higher proportion of electricity and sustainable fuels take effect in Formula 1.

Audi initially confirmed its commitment as an engine manufacturer, but by the end of the year it should also be clear with which team the Ingolstadt-based company will be starting. Entry into the Sauber racing team is expected.

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