Need alternative strategy for Iran

Israeli Prime Minister Jair Lapid (left) in Germany

Chancellor Olaf Scholz and Jair Lapid spoke at a press conference in the garden of the Federal Chancellery after their conversation.

(Photo: dpa)

Berlin Israel's Prime Minister Jair Lapid has advocated a alternative strategy to prevent Iran from becoming nuclear armed pronounced. "It is time, the failed negotiations with Iran to leave behind,” said Lapid on Monday after a meeting with the Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) in Berlin.

The need for a new strategy was also discussed. He submitted "sensitive and relevant intelligence information" to Scholz on this subject.

Israel wants a revival of the 2015 international nuclear deal with the Iran absolutely prevent. The country says the deal aimed at preventing Iran from developing a nuclear bomb is inadequate.

Germany is one of the countries committed to return. The United States left the agreement in 2018 under then-President Donald Trump.

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Tehran has always emphasized that it will not seek nuclear weapons, as feared by the West and Israel, but will only use uranium for nuclear power plants and for scientific and industrial purposes. However, the IAEA has not yet been able to confirm this.

“Germany has taken responsibility”

The governments of Germany, France and Great Britain criticized in a joint statement on Saturday that Iran did not want to conclude the agreement on the table. In view of this, advice will be given on how best to deal with "Iran's continued nuclear escalation" and the lack of willingness to cooperate with the IAEA, according to the statement distributed by the Federal Foreign Office.

"Germany has taken responsibility," said Lapid on Monday. A return to the nuclear deal would be a grave mistake "under the current conditions," Lapid said. A nuclear Iran would destabilize the Middle East and trigger an arms race. "It would be a threat to the entire world."

Scholz does not expect the nuclear agreement to be concluded soon - Iran has not made the necessary commitments. However, he did not join his call to halt negotiations with Iran. “We are all in complete agreement that the point is that Iran does not get nuclear bombs, nor does it have the missiles to transport them. That is what we are pursuing as a major goal together," said Scholz.

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