Nature conservation: UN chief at World Nature Summit: “Make peace with nature”

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UN chief at world summit on nature: “Make peace with nature”

Antonio Guterres, Secretary-General of the United Nations.  Photo: Christophe Gateau/dpa

Antonio Guterres, Secretary-General of the United Nations. photo

© Christophe Gateau/dpa

The participants of the World Nature Summit in Montreal are hoping for binding agreements on species protection. Time is running out. The UN Secretary General finds drastic words.

UN Secretary-General António Guterres has informed the participating States of the World Nature Summit in Canada called for “peace with nature” and a strong accord to protect the world’s biodiversity. “We are waging war on nature,” Guterres said Tuesday at the opening ceremony of the summit in Montreal. “This conference is about the urgent task of making peace.”

Mankind treats nature like a toilet, said Guterres further. “And ultimately we are committing vicariously suicide, because the loss of nature and biodiversity comes at a huge cost to humanity.” At the World Nature Summit, the “orgy of destruction” must end – “no excuses. No delays. Promises must be kept.”

He was impressed by young climate activists all over the world, Guterres said – but you can’t leave it to young people to fix the chaos. “We must take responsibility for the damage we have caused and act to fix it. Despite the dreams of deluded billionaires, there is no Planet B. We must fix the world , which we have.”

The World Summit on Nature is scheduled to officially begin on Wednesday. Organizers, scientists and representatives of non-governmental organizations are hoping that the meeting, which is scheduled to run until December 19, will lead to a landmark global agreement on species protection. One of the main goals of the conference is to protect at least 30 percent of the world’s land and sea areas by 2030. A solid financial basis for global species protection also plays an important role in the forthcoming negotiations.

Originally, the 15th World Summit on Nature – which also goes by the abbreviation “COP-15” – should have taken place in China in 2020, but was then postponed and divided due to the ongoing pandemic situation there. The first part of the negotiations took place mainly online in Kunming last October.

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