NATO must stay calm

Ist the rocket that fell on Tuesday afternoon in a Polish village on the border with Ukraine came down, killing two people, shot down by Russian troops? Or is the missile an anti-missile going astraywith which the Ukrainians tried to defend themselves against the clearly Russian hail of bullets with which Moscow also covered the west of the country it had invaded?

On Wednesday there were increasing indications that the projectile was an anti-aircraft missile used by both the Ukrainian and Russian armies. Even if it should turn out that in Poland a Russian offensive weapon, Poland and NATO as a whole should not have acted any differently than they have acted up to now: prudently.

The fact that Warsaw has put parts of its army on a higher readiness level is a moderate and understandable reaction. However, further action must now be discussed coolly in the Alliance’s bodies. An emergency meeting has already been convened in Brussels for this purpose.

Intention or “accident”? This is important now

What the shelling was about plays a significant role in the further consequences: intentional or an “accident”. Of course, it would also be worrying to realize that the Kremlin, which is beating wildly with rockets, is now accepting “collateral damage” on Polish territory. Because then a border conflict would arise between NATO and Russia in both senses of the word, which could lead to the proclamation of the alliance case according to Article 5.

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