Nasa: Spectacular experiment in space – probe crashes into asteroids (video)

Watch the video: Spectacular experiment in Al – Nasa probe crashes into asteroids.

STORY: It was a spectacular experiment in space. And it succeeded. As planned, NASA rammed an asteroid with a probe. To test whether this can prevent the asteroid from hitting Earth in the first instance. It was the first attempt to change the trajectory of a celestial body. The probe, named Dart, sped into the asteroid moon Dimorphos at more than 20,000 kilometers per hour. A complete success, Coordination Manager Nancy Chabot said: “The test went spectacularly. It really was everything we expected it to be and, to be honest, even more. We sat and watched these images come in as we looked at Dimorphos approached more, saw the surface features and brought them into focus. I think we all said it was going to be spectacular – and it was.” Cheers erupted in NASA’s control center. Until shortly before the impact, it was not entirely certain whether the flying probe would actually hit the celestial body. The probe was launched in California in November 2021. The impact should slightly alter the orbit of Dimorphos, which is about 11 million kilometers from Earth. Whether this was successful still needs to be investigated. The mission is expected to cost around $330 million.

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