Nancy Faeser on immigration and the labor shortage

Woman fibers, You want to introduce a new immigration law in the fall to remedy the shortage of workers. How is this supposed to work?

Ralph Bollman

Correspondent for economic policy and deputy head of business and “Money & More” for the Frankfurter Allgemeine Sunday newspaper in Berlin.

Alexander Wulfers

Editor in the economy of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Sunday newspaper.

We are sending an important signal: Germany is a country of immigration and it is time for politicians to acknowledge this. Business has been demanding for years that we finally find unbureaucratic procedures for the immigration of workers. So far, we have required a qualification recognized in Germany, an employment contract and German language skills from the family members traveling with us. Those were high hurdles.

And in the future?

. . . it becomes more pragmatic. A qualified degree recognized in Germany will no longer be necessary in every case. With the opportunity card that we are introducing, a degree and relevant work experience are sufficient. Age and knowledge of German are further criteria. That would be a real improvement that is very much in the interests of our country. The skilled trades in particular have long needed more young people. Young people need to find a way to us that is less complicated.

Do you have an example?

A draughtswoman from Jordan with three years of professional experience would like to work in Germany for personal reasons, where she once spent an au pair year after school. Even without her Jordanian qualification being recognized in Germany, she should be allowed to come here to look for a suitable job.

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They want to link this to an annual quota. How much will that be?

We are now having talks about this. The main thing is to reduce bureaucracy. The recognition of professional qualifications must be much faster. Otherwise, international corporations prefer to hire new staff abroad than here. We urgently need to change that.

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