Name change denied! Hamburger must still be called “Adolf”.

Name change denied!  Hamburger must still be called “Adolf”.

A man from Hamburg no longer wants to be called “Adolf” and tries to change his first name. But the responsible office refuses. “Hitler’s first name is not incriminated in Germany. Bizarre: anyone who wants to change their name must be called “Sascha” or “Owonuglubmoumné”.

I know men named Adolf. Although they have nothing else to do with each other, they share at least three things: they were born before 1945, their parents did not attract attention in the German resistance, none of them let themselves go to their fullest first names speak to. They are called “Adi”, “Ado” or “Dolf”. Why might that be?

The Wikipedia page for “Adolf” lists 167 known namesakes, of which only five were born after 1945, two contain the note “named: Adi”, another calls himself Andy (namely the Austrian pop singer Andy Borg), only the Indian politician named Adolf Lu Hitler Marak and his Namibian counterpart Adolf Hitler Uunona supposedly carry their names lightheartedly.

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