Nagelsmann complains about Tel-Tor: what the youngster did wrong

Nagelsmann complains about Tel-Tor: what the youngster did wrong



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Julian Nagelsmann criticized Mathys Tel’s somewhat idiosyncratic goal: the youngster should have played for Coman

Bavaria-Youngster Mathys Tel has after his substitution against Werder Bremen be able to set accents straight away. The 17-year-old even scored a remarkable goal. However, Julian Nagelsmann was not quite as impressed by this one.

Julian Nagelsman In recent months, Mathys Tel has often praised trying things and being courageous. The young Frenchman showed this courage against Bremen when he successfully ended a counterattack with a shot himself instead of serving a team-mate.

However, the Bayern coach was not only enthusiastic about it. After all, Kingsley Coman ran and would have found the better finishing position.

“First of all, I was happy that he scored, but actually he’s not allowed to shoot there, he has to play on King”, criticized Julian Nagelsmann (bia table football) the Munich top talent.

He also gave the player the subliminal advice along the way to choose the teamwork next time. “I think if he doesn’t score, he’ll get in trouble with his teammates on the field,” Nagelsmann suspected.

He could well be right, but the principle “whoever scores is right” certainly also applies – and when the score is 5:1, a young player must be allowed to take the shot himself. However, it wasn’t the only scene where Tel acted a bit headstrong. Maybe that also contributed to the fact that the Bayern coach criticized a little.

Nagelsmann praises Sané’s altruism

On the other hand, Nagelsmann cited a positive example Leroy Sane, who had the 3:1 himself on the slippers, but chose the cross pass to Gnabry. “The cross pass to Serge, you don’t always have to play it now, you can also go past the goalkeeper. It’s a small gesture that Leroy comes in and can say: ‘I want to do it myself to get back in the starting XI.’ But he plays the ball across to Serge and he puts it in and they’re happy together,” the coach explained sky.

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