Musicians: Joey Kelly leaves gift shopping to his wife

Joey Kelly leaves gift shopping to his wife

Singer Joey Kelly doesn't like shopping.  Photo: Uli Deck/dpa

Singer Joey Kelly doesn’t like shopping. photo

© Uli Deck/dpa

For the 49-year-old, shopping is nothing but stress, he says. This is especially true at Christmas. His family still gives presents under the Christmas tree.

The musician and extreme athlete Joey Kelly completely stays out of buying Christmas presents for the family. “I’m looking forward to Christmas,” said the 49-year-old of the German Press Agency. But he doesn’t buy gifts himself. “My wife does that. She has more taste and she also knows what people like,” he said. His wife therefore takes care of everything that is given to the children, grandma and others.

“Sometimes I’m surprised when I finally see what we’re giving away,” admitted the member of the well-known family band Kelly Family. “I’m not a shopping person at all. Shopping is pure stress for me.”

For the Kelly Family, time is running out Christmas this year a special one – the band is on tour again. The big premiere will take place on Friday (November 18) in Krefeld under the title “The Mega Christmas Show”. According to Joey Kelly, rehearsals have been going on since August.


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