Music: Similarities with Tokio Hotel: New Kraftklub album

Similarities with Tokio Hotel: New Kraftklub album

Singer Felix Brummer (right) and guitarist Steffen Israel 2019 at the Lollapalooza Festival Berlin.  Photo: Britta Pedersen/dpa

Singer Felix Brummer (right) and guitarist Steffen Israel 2019 at the Lollapalooza Festival Berlin. photo

© Britta Pedersen/dpa

At least since the "#WirSindmehr" concert in their hometown of Chemnitz, Kraftklub has been considered one of the most political German bands, a pioneer in the fight against the right. Her new album is out now.

When Chemnitz became the epitome of right-wing violence in late summer 2018, power club against it. In response to the riots there, the Chemnitz band around frontman Felix Kummer organized a free concert with other artists such as Trettmann or Die Toten Hosen under the motto "#WirSindMore".

Now the first Kraftklub album since 2017 is coming out: "Kargo" will be released this Friday - and it hasn't gotten any less political. A depressing ballad is about "Alman Angst". It is about those who like to be called "concerned citizens". "Wittenberg ist nicht Paris" addresses a dangerous new German Biedermeierism, accuses political comfort and a generation that is older but not more critical.

Against German honesty

For one song on the album, the Chemnitz indie band got the support of another East German band: Tokyo Hotel. In "Fahr mit mir (4x4)" they go together in search of a place where no national flags are hoisted in the allotments. "Asparagus fields pass by, if I leave, I won't come back," says the song against German conservativeness.

Tokio Hotel singer Bill Kaulitzwho comes from Magdeburg and now lives in the USA, settles accounts with his old homeland: "I'm sorry. Something with a home office can't be a homeland for me."

How the cooperation of the two bands could look like on stage was shown two days before the album release in Hamburg: There, Kraftklub played a spontaneous concert together with Kaulitz at the Reeperbahn Festival, which was only announced on Twitter the afternoon before, and presented "Fahr mit mir" live. Kaulitz is part of the Reeperbahn Festival jury for the young talent award - so he was just on the Elbe anyway.

The collaboration with Tokio Hotel is definitely a new path for the band - also musically. Otherwise, the fourth studio album by Kraftklub - to the expected delight of many fans - fits in fairly seamlessly with the previous work of Kummer and Co.


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