Music: Rapper Apache 207 and the love of home by tattoo

Rapper Apache 207 and the love of home by tattoo

Musician rapper Apache 207, born Volkan Yaman, in a scene from the Amazon Prime documentary "Apache stays the same" (U.N

Musician rapper Apache 207, born Volkan Yaman, in a scene from the Amazon Prime documentary "Apache Stays the Same" (undated film scene). photo

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Apache 207 can look back on great successes, although he grew up in extremely modest circumstances. Nevertheless, he pays tribute to the city of his birth - in a very special way.

The German hit rapper Apache 207 (24, "Roller") is committed tattoos to his homeland. As the musician, born Volkan Yaman, revealed in an interview with "Mannheimer Morgen" and "Rheinpfalz" (Friday), he had the coat of arms of his native city of Mannheim (Baden-Württemberg) tattooed on his left calf and the emblem on the right side the neighboring city of Ludwigshafen (Rhineland-Palatinate).

The rapper and singer, who has recorded billions of streams and several number one hits since 2018, grew up under modest conditions: "It was normal back then that the plaster was hanging from the ceiling. And that you were only in the bathroom for a certain amount of time You were allowed to stop because otherwise you would have these white dots on your head. That was just funny as a kid."

The stage name Apache goes back to a nickname his mother gave him, but has no special meaning for him: "Some things just come out of the natural flow." The meaning of the number 207 has often been incorrectly speculated: "It is simply a number whose meaning is only mine Brothers and I know. And which shaped us a lot. I believe that the riddle will never be properly solved." A number was used as an addition to the name Apache because it should not stand alone: ​​"Otherwise you only find helicopters on the Internet," says the musician.

More than two billion streams

According to his music label on Friday, Apache 207 also talks about his life and career in the new Amazon Prime documentary "Apache Stays the Same". According to Sony, the musician's successes include "27 gold, seven platinum and one diamond records and more than two billion streams", he is "one of the most streamed today Artist: inside on Spotify". In addition to the rap star, his brother, his team and other greats of the scene such as Loredana, Bausa and Xatar also have their say in the documentary.

The rapper said to the newspapers in Mannheim and Ludwigshafen about his palpable thoughtfulness in the film: "This skepticism or reflection comes from the fact that I make a style of music that I also celebrate myself. So hip-hop. We're with this urban one music grown up. Nothing has changed for me when I face people today whose music I grew up with. Today they are perhaps far less successful than I am, but I still stand before them with my mouth open and my eyes shining." Such encounters "perhaps contribute to the fact that I am so grounded and have never accepted success for myself on a personal level".

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