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She is a model, he is a musician, together they are a beautiful and successful couple at the MTV Awards. All perfectly normal if it weren’t for the scrawl on Matt Bellamy’s good suit.

For her: Clean muse

Spotted on the red carpet last week: Elle Evans. Who is this? One of the models who danced years ago in this music video to Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines,” which today you can only sniff at because of the assault that took place during the shoot. Luckily, the once naked dancing elves are apparently fine today. Elle, for example, married musician Matt Bellamy, who we see alongside her here. The two seem happy, sometimes even coordinating their outfits in sunny Malibu, and that’s always a good sign when it comes to happiness. But not in Dusseldorf. Because the singer of the British band came to the European MTV Awards muse finally as a celebrity who likes to sing about the end of the world. So it is that two styles meet here, i.e. the totally undulating, skin-showing American housewife style of the “Yogi Goddess”, as Evans confidently calls himself on Instagram – and the “I-am-in-my-function- husband’s “rocker-here” suit. However, Evans’ classic film award style seems old-fashioned in this motley, which music events always are, fortunately. Which once again raises the eternally discussed question of whether art and the person behind it can be seen separately. Isn’t such a nice clean Elle Evans way too nice and clean for a serious indie singer? Shouldn’t she transform into a grumpy tattooed bride with hair dyed black? Of course not. One can certainly criticize the state of the world and still have a nice time at home, as westerners know from personal experience. Besides, none of this is Elle Evans’ problem, who can only be cheered up here: stay the way you are!

For him: old bastard

Sure, someone standing on a stadium stage with a guitar always looks good. But Matt Bellamy is one of the snappiest frontmen in recent rock history on a net basis, plus he has a really attractive voice. Now he’s in his mid-40s, his band Muse is still filling stadiums, and Bellamy himself hasn’t fallen into the Bono trap, but rather keeps a low profile when it comes to unusual events. The MTV Awards suit is an exception, though, and not just because of the irritating buttoning. We had already dealt with the trend towards men’s color pink in this section, but there are also some peculiar street art elements. It looks like Bellamy was the victim of a drive-by graffiti. Or did he get caught up in a protest by climate activists? After all, you can no longer cook potato soup without someone throwing in a van Gogh! In fact, the scribble is of a rather banal nature, because it is the symbol of the new Muse record (“Will Of The People”) and is visually very similar to the stupid “Anarcho-A”. This, in turn, is reminiscent of times when tired dog punks sat around the city fountain and inspired eighth graders to draw the wild A in their school folders or on their pencil cases. Really ey, destroy what destroys you! Bellamy now not only scrawls the venerable symbol on his stuff, but also links it to promotional ideas, which is a bit, well, weak. But you would still like to know details about such a customized clothing ensemble: Does someone come by to spray or do you do it yourself? Is this hand washed? Can the shirt be used with another suit?

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